Олива моторна Platinum Ultor Scandiv 10W-40

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Quality class:​ACEA: E4, E7
Viscosity grad:​SAE: 10W-40

General features

​Platinum Ultor SCANDIV 10W-40 is a high quality fully synthetic SHPD type engine oil used for lubricating highly loaded new generation Diesel engines. The oil is specially designed for Scania vehicles and was granted with highest manufacturer approval - Scania LDF-3. Due to its unique formula the oil has exceptional lubricating and anti-wear characteristics and perfectly maintains engine purity. Due to application of synthetic bases the Platinum Ultor SCANDIV 10W-40 guarantees effective engine lubrication in low temperatures during a “cold start”.


​Platinum Ultor SCANDIV 10W-40 is designed for use in modern Diesel engines in trucks, heavy construction equipment, buses and truck-tractors. It is recommended for engines meeting EURO V requirements and equipped with EGR or SCR NOx fumes processing systems. It can be also used in older engines meeting EURO IV and III requirements. It also meets EPA Tier I and II requirements concerning NOx and PM (particulate matter).

Standards, approvals, specifications

Meet Scania LDF-3 specification

Meets requirements:
Scania LDF-2,
Mercedes-Benz 228.5,
MAN M3277,
Deutz DQC III-10,
Volvo VDS-3, Renault RVI RLD-2,
Mack EO-N,
MTU Type 3,
DAF Extended Drain

Recommendations, references

Physical and chemical properties

ParametersUnitsTypical values
SAE viscosity grade-10W-40
kinematic viscosity at 1000Cmm2/s13,8
viscosity index-150
pour point0C-30
flash point0C220
TBNmg KOH/g14,3
sulfated ash%1,8
evaporative loss (Noack)% (m/m)7,2
Note: The above values of the physicochemical parameters are typical values. The actual values are placed on quality certificates attached to each batch of product