ORLEN OIL biodegradable oils with EU Ecolabel


Polish Centre for Testing and Certification has awarded to ORLEN OIL the first European Ecolabel licence for lubricants in Poland. The official distinction was introduced by the European Union in 1992 and identifies products with reduced level of environmental impact.

EU Ecolabel provides information on company's specific approach to environment and its protection, and confirms fulfilment of rigorous requirements applicable throughout the European Union. Environment protection and changing operational requirements for industrial machines and equipment represent challenges for producers of oils and lubricants. ORLEN OIL always strives to satisfy those expectations. Therefore, a long-term cooperation of our experts with research and development centres resulted in development of Hydrol BIO oils. The oils, based on synthetic esters and natural triglycerides, can be applied where environment protection remains an issue of vital importance — in nature reserves, national parks, health resorts, and in the vicinity of surface waters — said Marcin Gralewski, Chairman of the Board of ORLEN Oil.

The distinction in environment protection awarded to ORLEN OIL by an independent organisation provides the company with a competitive advantage, and may stimulate interest of potential clients. Marking HYDROL BIO HEES EL 46 and HYDROL BIO HETG 46 with a European label constitutes a guarantee of quality of delivered products. It also facilitates identification of products satisfying rigorous environmental requirements. ORLEN OIL oils exhibit low toxicity, large biodegradation potential, at the level of > 90% (m/m), as well as high content of renewable raw materials, at the level of > 80% (m/m).