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KIA PLATINUM CUP 2019 Season is over!

    Nicodemus Verzhbitsky is the best driver of the first KIA PLATINUM CUP race in Monza!

    This year, KIA MOTORS POLSKA and ORLEN OIL continued their collaboration within the KIA PLATINUM CUP project, which once again was a major success. According to eyewitnesses, including representatives of the firm "LOCO", during the KIA PLATINUM CUP drivers had the opportunity to drive almost 700 racing kilometers, and adding qualifications and training to this number exceeded more than 2000 kilometers. In total, the starting competitors had the opportunity to compete for about 70 hours!

    The season this year began at the Hungaroring near Budapest, later the drivers competed on the Red Bull Ring, During a home tour in Poznan, at the Slovakiaringu and the Most racetrack. The fight ended on the legendary Monza highway near Italian Milan.

    The 2019 season went down in history and certainly belonged to one of the most interesting championships of Poland Kia Picanto. The collaboration of ORLEN OIL and other partners has provided the best racing of all races.


ORLEN OIL Launches Advertising Campaign With Robert Kubica!

    On September 1, ORLEN OIL Advertising Company started with the participation of Robert Kubica, the only Formula 1 Pole in the history of Poland. In the whole campaign aimed at raising awareness and forming the image of the PLATINUM brand.

    A promotional video featuring Robert can be seen on TV and Polsat TV, as well as on the thematic channels of these stations. It will also appear on VOD services (IPLA, TVP, ZPR, Interia). The campaign will run for 3 weeks.

Poland Championship Platinum Ride with Super Enduro

    The Platinum Rider Super Enduro Championship will take place in Eleny Doliny near Elblag on August 24-25, a top class competition organized by the Warmia Auto Moto Club. The title sponsor of the event is ORLEN OIL.

    Super Enduro events are gaining in popularity in Poland, gathering more and more athletes and amateurs as well as spectators from all over the country.

    The PLATINUM RIDER Championship will be kicked off by the World Cup participants: Alexander Gotkovski, Grzegorz Kargul and Vice-World Champion 2017/2018 among juniors Emil Yushchak. The last of them goes as before in the classification of the Polish Championships with the highest number of stages won.

    On August 25, the second stage of the Enduro Race will take place, which will provide the audience with another dose of emotions after the first day. The event will be accompanied by a picnic atmosphere.

    Оne of the sponsors of the event is ORLEN OIL - manufacturer of PLATINUM RIDER - motorcycle engine oils, which provides the best gearbox performance while maintaining perfect component cleanliness in all driving conditions - a simple, easily accessible and practical solution for motorcyclists.

Baja Aragón: Pshigonsky i in third place. ORLEN riders have finished competing in the Baja Aragón Spanish Rally.

    In the 36th issue of the event, Cuba Psihonsky ranked third in the fifth, Maciej Gemza climbed to 6th place in the overall ranking. Adam Tomichek, a motorcycle rider, struggled with technical issues. The ORLEN Team motorcyclists finished the podium in the junior classification - Maciej Gimza was 2, Adam Tomicek 3.

    - In Spain, we performed well, satisfied with the podium and fought with Martin Prokop and Joan Roma until the end. The last stage was crucial, we set out to the full.

    40 km before the last section, we had a breakdown with the brake cooling pump, at some point the brake temperature reached about 200 degrees, the car practically did not brake, but we managed to control it. Weather conditions were very variable: from rain and storm to hot weather and lots of dust. There were a lot of fans along the route, which is always motivating. The route was very narrow, the tires and brakes were heavily operated, care had to be taken on the side of the road not to cut the tire. I am glad we are back to the game, ”said Cuba Psihonsky.

    The classification of the car was won by Orlando Teranova with pilot MINI John Cooper Works Rally. Among the group of motorcyclists was the best Michael Metge (Sherko).

Concentrate or ready antifreeze? What is the danger?

    Such a question can be heard quite often. And the answers are quite different, often opposite. We will try and we will give our brief answer to this question.

    To begin, we will deal with the definitions.

    Concentrate of antifreeze or coolant is a mixture of alcohols with enriching additives (additives). In qualitative concentrates it is usually diatomic alcohols. For example, monoethylene glycol (abbreviated MEG) or propylene glycol. The crystallization temperature of the concentrate on such a base is about -15 ° C. After dilution with water, this temperature can be knitted to -75 ° C.

    Ready to use antifreeze - a mixture of concentrate diluted with water. Depending on the aspect ratio, you can obtain the desired temperature of hardening.

    And here the answer is that the concentrate is used more rationally, because it can affect the temperature of the hardening itself.

    But it turns out not so simple.

    Firstly. Water is the main cause of all kinds of corrosion and the safest of them - cavitation.

    Second. In addition to the crystallization temperature, the boiling point is equally important, and these quantities are closely interconnected.

As mentioned earlier, the crystallization temperature of the concentrate is -15 ° C, and the boiling point is + 85 ° C. Such indicators for the cooling system is obviously not enough.

    Thirdly. When diluting the concentrate, we dilute it and the additives therein (anticorrosive, anti-foaming, etc.), and their percentage can be only 2% of the content of the concentrate. Therefore, inaccurate dilution may have a significant effect on the performance of the liquid.

    Fourth. When extracting concentrate it is necessary to pay attention, how exactly to observe proportions in weight or volume. How many liquids have different densities.

For example, 1 kg of antifreeze concentrate is about 0.93 liters, and 1 kg of water is about 1 liter!

    Thus, the dilution of concentrate with water is not as simple as it may seem at first glance, because for this you need to have some knowledge about the characteristics of the products, have a specially prepared water and the ability to determine the final characteristics of antifreeze. After all, when we buy a ready-made liquid, the manufacturer is obliged to inform us about the physical and chemical properties of the product, the influence of liquid on metals, sealants, the availability of tests of finished liquid.

    As responsibility for the finished product is borne by its manufacturer, and for the product we created by ourselves of the two components of concentrate and water - virtually nobody, my advice to choose the finished product. And well when this product is manufactured in accordance with standards or approved standards (eg ASTM-D) and tested, such as: a 1064-hour test for corrosion action on metals. It would not be bad at all, as if such a product had the permission of engine manufacturers or equipment.

    With the wishes of trouble-free operation

     Peter the King.

We are 27 years old!

    On July 12, 2019, LOKO celebrates its 27th birthday.

    We sincerely express our gratitude to everyone: Employees, Partners and Clients!

    Thank you for the fact that we were able to achieve significant success in the market for lubricants, and for the fact that we are confi and tomorrow.

Opening and blessing of the new administrative building

    On July 5, 2019, a long-awaited event took place, namely the opening of the new LOKO office. The long construction and reconstruction works were completed just before the 27th anniversary of the company's founding. On this occasion, the solemn consecration of the premises took place, which was attended by our 20-year-old partners - ORLEN OIL Sp. z o o., PKN ORLEN and local partners, as well as friends of the firm.

    According to the guests, the new modern office of the company impresses with its rationality and comfortable working conditions. According to the general director of "LOKO" this was the basis of designing.

    The project of BODNEVYCH IRYNA INTERIOR DESIGN STUDIO is a combination of sophistication with comfort and rationality.

    More photos here:

We are waiting for you at the new address

    From 10.05.2019 the company "LOKO" changes the location on a comfortable office space at the address:

Lviv, street. Vygovsky 5b.

We invite partners and clients to come to us

The first round of the Drifting Championship in Poland is behind usThe first round of the Drifting Championship in Poland is behind us

    Last weekend the first round of the Polish Drifting Championship took place. Cuba Pshigonsky competed for the champion of Poland in 2019. The new version of its Toyota GT86 completed the PRO class on TOP 16.

    Unfortunately, during the ride there was a problem with the engine management system, which allowed only one successful departure. On the pedestal in the PRO class in the first round of DMY took part: Peter Trojanek, Igor Stolarek and Jacek Pope.

- "Our new car came out very well, but unfortunately because of a small electrical breakdown, I made only one good departure, all the next was weaker.

    The first attempt was made the best that characterizes the car as fast and can be used in future championships.

    During the second departure, which happens in pairs, I made a mistake and fell out, but sometimes it happens. In general, I am pleased that after a winter break the car is in good condition. It is necessary to combine it with the best beginnings - says Cuba Psigonsky.

    The second round of the Polish Drifting Championship is scheduled to take place on June 14-15 in Kielce. The championship cycle will include 6 rounds.


Motoshow 2019

    On May 18-19, ORLEN OIL took part in a motorcycle show in the International Exhibition Center EXPO Krakow.This is the sixth anniversary of the largest avto-event in southern Poland: exhibition area, star guests, car testing, exciting competitions, tuning shows!

    ORLEN OIL presented the W21 booth in the Wisla Hall where the participants had tried their skills at the car simulator, take part in the competition for the shortest ride time and get some nice prizes.

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Happy Holidays!!!


    Last weekend (March 30-31) in Eger, Hungary, happend the first round of the KIA PLATINUM RALLY CUP - this is the new series of races sponsored by ORLEN OIL. They are part of the Hungarian Rally Championship.

     The winners of the first round were Adrienn Vogel (driver) and Ivett Notheish (pilot) who overcame the rally from seven stages at 47:00.6 minutes, were ahead of the second team - Krajnyák Petra (driver) and Velezdi Eszter (pilot) - by 3:06.2 min.

The pedestal was complemented by Méhész Attila (driver) and Mireider Csaba (pilot) who finished the rally route for 54:42.6 min.

    All drivers, participating in the KIA PLATINUM RALLY CUP series, compete on Kia PICANTO cars. The next rally from the KIA PLATINUM RALLY CUP series will take place on the following dates:

 • Székesfehérvár Rallye: 07-09.06.2019.

• Baranya Couple: 01-03.08.2019.

• Ózd-Salgó Rallye: 23-25.08.2019

• Mecsek Rallye: 11-13.10.2019.


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