Ethics and business standards criteria for selecting ORLEN suppliers


           PKN ORLEN aim is to support Suppliers in implementing and maintaining best market practices based on the awareness of responsible business and sustainable development. ORLEN has formulated a Supplier Code of Conduct that since April this year will be mandatory criteria for qualification of contractors. The Code presents principles for cooperation with suppliers based on ethical standards, applicable law and the highest business standards in respecting the environment.

            PKN ORLEN as the only Polish company awarded three prestigious title of the most ethical companies in the world, awarded by an international independent group of experts of the American Ethisphere Institute, intends to spread the idea of social responsibility and sustainability among its suppliers and wants to work with business partners who respect human rights and act in accordance with the legal regulations, ensure safe and decent working conditions and apply not only to the highest ethical standards in the business, but also care about the environment.
        The Code is a key document containing the fundamental principles of building relationships and cooperation with stakeholders. It has also been established as an integral part of the supplier qualification process of purchasing products and services. It should be emphasized that the Company annually performs about 21 thous. transactions, with more than 5 thous. purchasing procedures, in nearly 370 categories necessary for the operation of the production, distribution and service support functions, processes, investment and development company, with the exception of supply of raw materials (oil and gas). Through the guidelines underlined in the Code, PKN ORLEN  goal is to encourage and motivate suppliers to continuous improvement in accordance with the social, environmental, ethical and corporate governance standards. The standards set in the Code promote good market practices in terms of corporate responsibility and sustainability in the supply chain.
The Supplier Code of Conduct is available on the in the CSR section. ​