Brake fluid: main types and selection rules!


    Among all the fluids used in the car, the brake fluid is most important. This is one of the most important elements of the car: whatever would be a perfect model, but without a good brake fluid it is impossible to stop quickly. From the correct choice and from the characteristics of the brake fluid will depend on the effectiveness of braking, and hence the length of the braking distance of your car. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about what happens to the brake fluid, its service life, and the specifics of the replacement.
There are two main requirements that are required from the brake fluid:
• At working moments, the liquid should remain in its physical state, it should not boil, turning into a pair, and should not freeze;
• Your performance brake fluid should be stored for a long time.
Types of brake fluid
For today there are three types of brake fluid: DOT 3, DOT 4, DOT 5.
DOT 3 automotive fluid is designed for cars with a combined brake system, ie rear drum brakes, front-wheel drive. Moreover, it is intended for small-sized cars, low-speed, which are not capable of developing high speeds. To date, this brake fluid is already outdated.
The DOT 4 is designed for most modern cars equipped with a disc brake system on all wheels. Liquid is used on many high-speed cars, which makes it the most demanded in the market of sales.
In the range of LLC LOKO the brake fluid DOT 4 is presented.

General characteristics
ORLEN OIL brake fluids are based on alkyl esters, ethylene glycols, borate esters, polypropylene glycols and a functional additive package.
Designed for hydraulic brakes and couplings for cars and trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles, battery trucks, etc., in accordance with the instructions for the operation of vehicles.
DOT-4 is a new brake fluid with very good operational properties, characterized by a boiling point above 230 ° C; It is especially recommended for use in vehicles with medium loaded brake and coupling systems.
• replacement of liquid every two years or after a run of 40 thousand km,
• protect the liquid from moisture, keep it in the original hermetically sealed container,
• The brake system must be filled in according to the vehicle maintenance and conservation instructions,
• In the event of brake fluid entering the lacquer coating of the vehicle, immediately flush it with water.
The DOT 5 brake fluid is the most rare, since it is designed for cars that are prone to frequent overclocking and prolonged braking. In these regimes, special requirements for brake fluids are introduced, which corresponds to the DOT class 5.
How often do I change the brake fluid?
Since over the years in the brake system of the car condensation is formed and, as a result, the brake fluid is mixed with water and gradually loses its properties, it is recommended to replace it at least once every 2 years. The brake fluid suitable for operation must be homogeneous in composition, not to be precipitated, to be amber. It is necessary to completely change the brake fluid, as the filling to the required level does not restore the working properties of the brake fluid.