Kerosene lamp



Probably every citizen of Lviv knows that kerosene lamps were invented in Lviv. How is it due to the engine oil, with the company Loko and directly with Orlen Oil? On all these issues we will reply to you a little later, but first let's get acquainted with the history of invention of kerosene lamps.

By the middle of the XIX century, were used extensively for lighting olive lamp, which was fuel oil (cheap grade of olive oil) or animal fats. In 1853 in Lviv employees of the pharmacy "Under the gold star," Ignacy Łukasiewicz and Jan Zeh developed a technique of distillation and purification of oil. Now could start production of kerosene, or "new kamfiny" as he called it Lukashevich. In December 1853, scientists have already received the Austrian patent. This year Zeh opened in Lviv first little Refinery.

In March 1853 this lamp lighted showcase Pharmacy "Under the Golden Star" (now pharmacy on the street Copernicus, 1). Kerosene lamp began to be widely used initially in Austria. In Vienna, kerosene lamps lit station and hospital, then stuck her name "Viennese lamp."

On the device to the lamp was issued 50 patents. The lamp began to produce large editions in America. Since it started exporting to Europe. Kerosene lamp flooded town houses, country estates and provincial cities. At that time it was called "American lamp."

In Poland, m. Krosno is a museum kerosene lamp, which has about 4,000 items in this fixture. In Lviv, the museum-restaurant "Kerosene lamp".

The invention Ignatius Lukasiewicz and Jan Zeha became a symbol of the birth of the oil industry, so the company Orlen Oil, which is the official representative in Ukraine is Loko Ltd, said kerosene lamp inherent part of their brand and uses it as a gift to honored partners.

Director of "Loco" Petro received such a gift, indicating his recognition as an honorary partner and a high degree of confidence in the company Orlen Oil Loko.