When to replace tires for the summer?


    Almost everyone encounters this issue. Here the main thing is not to miss. Indeed, the weather this spring is variable. How to figure it out - when to go to the tire? Experts advise to change tires for summer, when the average daily temperature has exceeded the mark + 5-7 degrees. Previously dangerous, on the morning lake you can easily fly to the ditch. Later - stupid, on a dry and warm road, winter tires are more likely to wear out.
    Winter rubber, unlike the summer, is softer. Already at temperatures above +10 degrees winter tires start to work worse, heat more warm under the rays of the sun and from warm asphalt, become softer, the tread pattern is more likely to be erased. A studded rubber - not only that wears off the onset of warm weather, the spikes on wet asphalt lengthen the braking distance and generally make an uncomfortable trip on a dry road.
    Of course, at the very best time in the tire repair shops - a boom. But it is better to enroll in advance or eventually defend the queue to the tire than to ride on rubber, inappropriate season. After all, no one in the head will have to walk in the spring in the boots. So why force a car to drive in winter tires?
In addition, if you are going to change tires for new ones - change everything right away. Do not follow the advice to change the tires only on drive wheels (front or rear, depending on the type of drive). The car, worn in a variety of types of tires, dramatically loses its sustainability on the road. And of course, change the tire if you notice the bloating on its surface, cuts through which the cord is visible.
    Another painful question - is it necessary to have a second set of disks in order not to rearrange winter-summer tires every time on the same disks? Experts leave it at the discretion of car owners. From overlapped rubber tires do not suffer. At the same time, having two sets of wheels with discs, you can save on the services of tire carriers, independently rearranging tires in the garage.
    However, after a couple of years, you will still have to go to the tire center in the tire - tires tend not to last for more than two or three seasons without losing consumer properties. So the savings will be scanty.
    From which manufacturer to choose tires, solves each person, based on personal preferences and budget size. Undoubtedly, the quality of tires directly depends on their prices and used in the production of technology. But not always the most expensive rubber - the best. The difference in behavior on the road of different tires can be noticed only by a specialist.