Motorbikes Rider


A range dedicated to single-track vehicles is a  full range of 8 products - simple, readily available and practical solution for motorcyclists to guarantee trouble-free running in any terrain.   

4T is synthetic oils for 4-stroke motorcycle engines. Thanks to its unique formula, it provides the perfect cleanliness of engine components.
Platinum Rider 4T 10w-40;
Platinum Rider Cruiser 4T 15w-50;
Platinum Rider Racing 4T 5w-40;
Platinum Rider Scooter 4T 5w-40;
Platinum Rider Sport 4T 10w-50;
Platinum Rider V-TWIN 4T 20w-50

2T - semisynthetic oils for two-stroke motorcycle engines. The unique formula provides excellent protection against wear and good compatibility with fuel.
Platinum Rider Racing 2T;
Platinum Rider Scooter 2T.

Other oils:
Orlen Oil 2T Semisynthetic;
Orlen Oil Mixol S.