Motor oil Platinum Classic Gas for cars equipped with gas-balloon equipment


Internet-shop "LOKO" offers an updated line of motor oils Platinum Classic Gas for cars that working on gas.

Motor Oils are intended for cars that working on gas, differ significantly from oils intended for other engines. A difference consists in the temperatures of combustion of fuel, and also in the products of combustion, that remain in an engine. So if you want to avoid "sticky" of rings, you need to use a special oil that is designed to fuel you are using.

Motor oil Platinum Classic Gas established according to the latest technologies. In the structure containing high-quality oil that perfectly matched and interact with sealing additive package. Perfectly matched components of the composition - a guarantee optimum engine protection in all operating conditions.

All motor oils guarantee:

·       efficient lubrication and engine protection during launching;

·       excellent protection of the precipitate;

·       low wear elements of the engine;

·       excellent cleansing and dispersing properties;

·       stable lubricating film that protects the engine even under difficult conditions.

The line of motor oils for cars equipped with LPG equipment includes the following oils:

·       Platinum Classic Gas Synthetic 5W-40;

·       Platinum Classic Gas Semisynthetic 10W-40;

·       Platinum Classic Gas Mineral 15W-40.

All motor oils you can purchase from our site and directly in the office, that located in Lviv and Kyiv. Also, all the petrol stations network OKKO  presented motor oil OKKO Classic Gas Semisynthetic, which made the company Orlen Oil.

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Hurry to buy motor oil today - take care of your car!