Motorcycles season in full swing, we choose high-quality motor oil for your motorcycle


At the height of the motorcycle and owners of two-wheelers, they ask themselves the eternal questions: how to choose oil for a motorcycle or a scooter.
Qualitative oil must possess such properties that allow to perform all its functions. The main, but not the only function of the oil in the engine is its lubricating properties. Dozens of co-operating metal parts of the engine must be separated by a layer of oil of appropriate thickness and strength. The insufficiency of the olive layer leads to the direct contact of metal - metal, and as a result - to excessive wear of the engine. In modern engine designs, manufacturers tend to reduce frictional forces so as to achieve maximum performance and extend the life of the engine. The main role in this case is motor oil.
Another important function of the oil in the engine is its work as an element that facilitates the removal of heat, which occurs not only as a result of the process of combustion of fuel, but also during friction. Studies show that 5-10% of the heat generated by the engine is formed by friction nodes. Therefore, on most sports, and not only, motorcycles additionally install an oil cooler.
In addition to the above functions, it should be noted that the oil as a result of work in the engine subject to the process of oxidation, aging and mechanical destruction. The products of oxidation and mechanical destruction of oils form sludges, coke and varnishes that can change the physical and chemical properties of oils. In this regard, motor oil must be characterized by stability to oxidation, to withstand the formation of sludge, to keep the engine clean, and also to protect against corrosion. During the engine operation, combustion products and water come into the oil, and in this regard it should also be characterized by stability to foaming.
The surfaces of the walls of the cylinders and piston rings are never perfectly smooth. As a result, there are difficulties with the corresponding pressure in the combustion chamber, as well as the exhaust fumes in the engine crankcase. Here an engine oil serves as an auxiliary part, which serves as an additional seal. The layer of oil on the surface of the cylinder walls, in addition to reducing friction, densifies the combustion chamber.
It should be borne in mind that the oils used in motorcycle engines, due to higher speeds than those in the engines of the automobile, should be different from high-temperature stability, that is, they should not change their parameters at high revs and temperatures.
A preliminary market review indicates that the supply of high-quality olive oil is not so great. From our point of view, the most successful bid is formed by Orlen Oil.
Orlen Oil, a leading manufacturer of lubricants for automotive and other industries, offers its customers a high-quality PLATINUM Rider line designed to ensure the smooth running of your motorcycle engine.
The PLATINUM Rider line includes 8 products: 6 engine oils for four-stroke engines and 2 oils for two-stroke engines. Motorcycle oils of type 4T meet the latest quality requirements, especially APIs and JASO, in different grades of viscosity. The offer includes both synthetic and semi-synthetic and mineral oils.

A unique four-stroke oil formula has been developed based on the HTS - High Temperature Stability technology.
The unique technology of HTS is:
• Providing excellent piston cleanliness;
• Improved thermal oxidation stability of the oil;
• Improved stability of the oil to the cut in conditions of high engine load at high temperature;
• Increase in service life of the engine;
• Excellent lubrication, protection of couplings and gearboxes;
• Effective protection of the gearbox from wear;
• Increased power and acceleration of the engine.
The purpose and advantage of the HTS formula is to provide efficient lubrication of the engine, clutch and gearbox of each two-wheeled vehicle, not only when traveling in road conditions, but also in extreme operating conditions such as motorcycle. HTS is a guarantee of maximum use of engine power while simultaneously reducing the deposits. The PLATINUM Rider series of oils has a reliability guarantee, endorsed by the ORLEN TEAM motorcycle team during the Rally Dakar, the FIM World Champion