"The most mysterious" buttons of your car


Today it's hard to imagine our life without a car. Someone uses a public transport and taxi service, someone has his own car.  But often even car owners don’t know all the possibilities of their car on 100%.

After analyzing numerous articles and surveys, we have tried to identify the "most mysterious" buttons and badges in the car, functions of which only few people know.


In modern cars not only for "newcomers", but also "veterans" with a great experience of driving it is difficult to understand functions of all buttons. Some of these little-known buttons are in most of the cars, others - only in specific brands / models / manufacturers.

So, the most popular buttons in the cars are:


If you already know those buttons, then we can say that you know your car wery well. But if not, then go on read this text and share the next information with your friends and family.

Fog lights. Fog lights. The symbol (1) and (2) signify "fog lights". We can't call them mysterious or unknown, but drivers are not always able to distinguish between them. The button on which the conditional light flow is directed downwards - this is a front fog lights, and when the light flow is direct - this is a rear fog lights. In different cars often they are located in different places. Recirculation of air in the cabin. The symbols (3) and (4) are a riddle even for the hardest drivers - taxi drivers. Only 1% -2% of drivers know the correct purpose of this button: it turn on air recirculation in the car (preventing the flow of contaminated air from the outside).

The next button (5) disables the standard alarm system, namely - it deactivates the ultrasonic motion sensors located on the ceiling.

The car under the slope (6) (sometimes depicted with a hook near) - also refers to the disconnection of the standard alarm system. It allows you to evacuate a closed car at night, without fear of wake the neighbors.


If you have a standard hydromechanics, then most likely there is also a button ''Shift lock'' - so secret that even has an individual stub near the gear selector. It is created for emergency situations only: ''Shift lock'' switches the gear lever to neutral mode.


Switch of high beam. That kind button you can find in the old cars and its name is the switch of high beam. Why on the floor? When the street is dark and the driver is focused on the road, it is much more convenient to use the switch with this location/


Tire pressure icon. Lights up on the dashboard when in one of the wheels (or in several at once) the pressure dropped. The drop in pressure of only 10-15% already leads to the appearance of this symbol in the dashboard. But often this symbol means that the tire of the car has been damaged.

And now we briefly tell about specific cars and their secrets. The most obscure buttons on the dashboard include: 

1) Button for heating the washing liquid 

This option is present in the Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ. In connection with some problems that occurred when using this feature, GM has decided to deactivate it. But the button is still in operation and the signal lamp lights up on it, which only confuses drivers.


2) "Extra" in Saab car.

This button is absent even in the description of the car's instructions. It is a spare button! The manufacturer left this button in case of connection some additional device by driver of car (signaling, fog lamps, etc.).

3) Toyota Party Mode.

Such a button can be seen in Toyota 4Runner. It amplifies "bass" in the rear speakers of the car.


4) Button on turning switches of BMW.

The "BC" button is on the turn signal switch. This button is required to control various functions in the car: displaying the dashboard information about the day mileage, fuel consumption, the presence of errors, etc.


5) "PTY-CAT" on Subaru.

Company engineers say that such a button is required for programming a radio and assigning for each radio station of a certain category. But practically all owners of Subaru do not use this button, as in the instructions about it almost othing is said and how to use it - it is not known.

Now you know a little more! Have a nice trip!