Why it is necessary to change the lubricant in the engine of a car in a timely manner?


When operating a vehicle, engine oil gradually becomes dirty, aging, becomes less viscous and loses its lubricating and protective properties. And it threatens the increased wear of all engine parts.
Motor oil performs a truly unique role in the work of the entire vehicle. Let's consider what this role is.

Functions of engine oil:
Motor oil lubricates all the parts of the automobile engine, which are in constant friction. Since the engine has a small number of bearings of rotation, the main load falls on the bearings of sliding. And if the oil loses its properties, then it starts to do worse for its work.
The oil is, in essence, an engine cooling system. It takes away excessive heat from friction, which increases the possible time of their operation. Some cars even have special radiators to cool the oil so that it performs this function as best as possible.
The oil provides cleaning of the automobile engine and all its parts from the scum and soot. That is why qualitative oil quickly darkens, which indicates its good cleaning properties. Someone may say that good oil should not change its color, but in fact - on the contrary.
The oil forms a protective layer on the walls of the automobile engine, which prevents its wear during start-up. Also, this layer serves as an anticorrosive coating and protects the engine parts with a long, simple vehicle.
If there is an old engine oil in the car's systems, then the vehicle will not travel long and will break very fast. Why is this happening? Replacing the engine oil, carried out untimely, can cause the strong deterioration of the main automobile unit - its engine. This, in turn, provokes a decrease in its performance, and in the future - a breakdown. Engine failure is a considerable financial expense. So, if the oil is heavily dirty or insufficient, be sure to complete the procedure for its complete replacement.
Thus, motor oil plays an important role in the operation of the vehicle. It is therefore extremely important for him to change and use exactly the oil that is best suited for a specific car brand in a timely manner. And remember, the foolish economy of motor oil can cause a lot of waste.