We select high-quality oil for agricultural machinery


Today, agriculture is an emerging industry. In order to achieve high yields and to cultivate large areas, it is necessary to use modern technology. In this regard, there is a gradual replacement of machines with modern and efficient equipment. Accordingly, for the efficient operation of the equipment, it is necessary to observe the rules of its service, in particular, it is necessary to adhere to the rules of replacement of oil in agricultural machinery engines.
Every owner of agrarian machinery faced with such a question as to choose the right oil for agricultural machinery.
The main negative factor influencing the systems and mechanisms of agricultural machines is the high temperature. This is due to the fact that agrotechnique works predominantly during the warm period of the year. Therefore, it is important to add special additives, due to which the oil does not boil at high temperatures.
Selection of oil for agricultural machinery
First of all, we recommend that you choose oil for agricultural machinery in accordance with the requirements of manufacturers of this technology and use oil that meets the requirements and characteristics of the machine. The use of lubricants recommended by the manufacturer allows you to keep the equipment from premature wear and protect it from sudden breakdowns. In the event that the owner of the machinery is not able or willing to use the brand that is recommended by the manufacturer of cars, a new type of oil should be selected taking into account three main characteristics:
• oil viscosity - SAE,
• standard - ACEA, API;
• compliance with the requirements of a particular manufacturer of the machine.
Requirements for the characteristics of the oil for agrotechnics.
The main requirement for oils for agricultural machinery is to maintain the working capacity of the units and aggregates of these machines. However, for each type of oil there are its peculiarities which should be taken into account by consumers of lubricants.
The oil used in agricultural machinery engines should:
• reliably hold oil film on the surface of the ICE;
• to prevent the formation of foreign deposits with the use of high-sulfur fuel;
• prevent the formation of rust;
• reduce the toxicity level of combustion products;
• clean the engine from contamination;
• Protect engine parts from wear during cold start.

The oil used in the transmission and hydraulics of agricultural machinery should:
• protect parts and mechanisms from wear;
• provide reliable operation of brakes and other parts of transmission and hydraulics;
• be resistant to foam formation;
• promote smooth and even movement of all elements of the above systems;
• Do not destroy the seals and seals of rubber, polymers and other materials;

So, from the choice of oil to a large extent the lifetime of the agricultural equipment depends, we recommend that you pay attention to the line of Platinum Agro Oils, which is specially developed for modern agricultural machines, the Polish manufacturer Orlen Oil.
The latest technology used in Platinum Agro Oils provides a guarantee of the safety of machines and equipment that works in agriculture.
Platinum Agro Oils form a solid, oily film in full use, and effectively neutralize combustion products. Increase protection against corrosion, thereby increasing the accident-free life of the machines.
Excellent lubricating properties contribute to the savings associated with an increase in the period between oil replacements and reduced fuel consumption.
High quality motors, transmissions, hydraulic and multifunctional Platinum Agro oils meet the requirements of leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, including John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Case, New Holland, Same, Deutz-Fahr, Claas, Fendt, Zetor and Ursus.