Transmission oil


All without exception, the owners of cars dream that their iron horse served as long as possible, and at the same time broke as little as possible. To do this is, in fact, quite straightforward.
In the first place you should pay attention to the lubrication system. As you know, the details of the car systems are moving relative to each other. Between them there is friction, which actively prevents this movement.
Details are heated and wear out. As a result, jamming of parts. To reduce friction, different lubricants are used in the car. The gearbox just needs a special oil to reduce gear friction. The oil creates a film on the surface of the gears and removes heat from the parts and prevents corrosion. Therefore, the owner of the car must remember that the oil is needed not only for the engine, but for the gearbox and rear axle, if the car with a rear wheel drive.

The gearbox oil and engine oil are quite different things. For the box, use a special transmission oil. And then, looking at what gearbox in your car is installed.
In the LOCO range, the Platinum Gear LS 80W-90 transmission oil is presented.
This is the all-season transmission oil of the new generation. It is based on the optimum composition of deeply refined mineral base oils with a complex of extra-class additives. Provides excellent lubrication, maximum protection of mechanical transmissions and transmissions with limited sliding type LS, intended for operation in mechanical transmission boxes of cars, trucks and buses working in difficult operating conditions, where application of oil corresponding to requirements of class GL-5 is required. according to the API.
• excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance;
• good corrosion and rust protection
• Excellent load bearing capacity
• excellent lubricating and anti-wear properties,
• very good anti-foam properties.
If in your car, the automatic gearbox also needs to apply special oil. When the friction clutches start to work, the oil is responsible for their grip, and also effectively cools these clutches.
In our assortment there is also an oil, namely: Platinum Gear ATF III, intended for use in automatic transmission boxes of cars, trucks and buses, in which the manufacturer recommends use of oils of type Dexron® III.
The Platinum GEAR ATF III oil is also recommended for use in power steering devices, in hydraulic couplings for cars and trucks, and in hydraulic systems requiring the use of oils such as ATF.