Oil matters testing in extreme conditions of operation


On 24 September, during the final round of the Porsche Platinum GT3 Cup Challenge Central Europe, Orlen Oil invited experts from the automotive industry, journalists and process engineers to participate in a discussion panel "Oil matters, or how we test our products".

The products offered by Orlen Oil are subject to regular laboratory tests at accredited establishments. Owing to this, the products meet stringent quality standards, inter alia according to API (American Petroleum Institute), ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association) and ILSAC ( International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee).

Research & Development departments play an important role in the work on a product. On the basis of technological expertise and rigorous laboratory testing, reliable, high quality products are created that meet the requirements, are standardized and tested. Designed with the selected end user in mind, they are thoroughly tested on test beds both in Poland and abroad.
The first period of functioning of a new product in the market is carefully monitored by the technological services.
- Manufacturers of cars and original equipment for vehicles place high demands on oils and lubricants. The quality of our products is confirmed by official recommendations of such firms as Renault, Ford, Citroen, Peugeot, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz or BMW. In establishing the quality of your products it is important to remember that you should rely on credible data that actually constitutes value for customers. In the case of automotive oils, we are talking about honestly performed tests and reliability trials - says Marcin Osika, Head of Research and Development at ORLEN Oil.

In the work on the quality of oils, ORLEN Oil employs knowledge gained in motor sports. - During our racing series, our cars - Porsche 911 - operate in demanding conditions. It is a challenge also for oil. The key issue is thermal stability of oil at high temperatures - says Janusz Czudek, mechanic for the Porsche Platinum GT3 Cup Challenge Central Europe series.

- Platinum oils users benefit from products designed for professionals - this helps ensure their reliability and as a result both the safety and comfort of the driver.
- Racing is all about thrills and adrenaline. For drivers however, this means they must have reliable, proven machines to be able to provide those thrills for their fans and be able to achieve great results. That is why it is worthwhile to use proven operating fluids, including oils – comments Adam Kornacki, TVN Turbo journalist, frequent guest of the Porsche Platinum GT3 Cup Challenge Central Europe series.