New variant of PETRYGO

ORLEN Oil Company, manufacturer and distributor of lubricants and oils for automotive industry, launches a new and improved range of coolants for cars and trucks: Petrygo.
Among maintenance fluids and vehicle care products included in ORLEN OIL offer, Petrygo coolants for cooling systems, intended for professional applications, are the leading products. New products, featuring the most advanced parameters and meeting the requirements of contemporary engines, have been developed on the basis of long-standing experience and specialist knowledge of our production engineers.  'Basing on the latest achievements of chemical industry, ORLEN Oil R&D Office team developed modern and technologically-advanced range of coolants. The line covers the full spectrum of market demand.' – says Artur Węgrzyn, the product manager.
The range includes 4 product lines: economy class coolant for older cars (Petrygo Q NEW) holding wide range of G12+ standard approvals (Petrygo PLUS), Petrygo PRIME G 12++ coolant dedicated to VW group. Apart from products for cars, Petrygo HEAVY coolant for trucks and heavy equipment has been developed .
The basic component of the complete line, i.e. monoethylene glycol constituting raw material of high purity, guarantees its high quality. Certified functional additives, manufactured by chemical concerns leading on the world market, are used in the production of each of the four variants. At the same time, the products comply with strict environmental protection standards.
The new Petrygo line passed the tests performed under extreme conditions of use. The products are recommended by Jacek Czachor and Marek Dąbrowski - outstanding drivers of ORLEN Team.
Petrygo provides protection against corrosion and cavitation to the whole cooling system, safety to rubber and plastic elements, and guaranteed crystallization point. The use of new-line coolants provides protection against deposit and scale formation and allows to reach model parameters of heat exchange process. Petrygo has been granted approvals by manufacturers of leading car and truck brands.
Coolants are manufactured in ORLEN Oil manufacturing plant in Jedlicz in compliance with ISO standards: ISO 9001 guarantees the highest quality, ISO 14001 is responsible for -observing environmental standards and PN-N-18001:2004 supervises observance of OHS conditions.