ORLEN OIL TFM - efficient management of the lubricant industry


    ORLEN OIL, as a leading manufacturer and distributor of lubricants in Poland, launched a new service for effective management of the process by outsourcing TOTAL FLUID MANAGEMENT (TFM).


  "The enterprises focused on technological development ... at the present time the market needs not only the product offer, but also the complex service of lubrication, which will allow access to information on the optimum use of lubricants," said Bartolomei Ports, TFM Sales Manager.

      The purpose of ORLEN OIL TOTAL FLUID MANAGEMENT is to skillfully manage the service of lubrication systems of machines and control the state of the equipment, as well as reduce the operating costs of oils, lubricants and process fluids.

    The new TFM ORLEN OIL service includes:

• servicing of lubrication systems in every industry;

• full monitoring of cooling and lubrication systems in the processes of metal processing;

• planning and implementation of the delivery process (logistics);

• storage of lubricants and operational oils used in production processes;

• monitoring of lubricants in operation;

• waste disposal;

• creation of databases and means of information exchange;

• implementation of the IT management system for the lubrication industry;

• employee training and work on improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of processes;

• POWER SERVICE - mobile support for the service group.


Source - http://www.orlenoil.pl