PLATINUM Rider: modern range of motorcycle oils


     Orlen Oil, a leading manufacturer of oils and lubricants for automotive and industrial use, introduces its
offer comprising 8 new oils from the PLATINUM Rider line: 6 for two-wheelers equipped with four-stroke engines and 2 for two-wheelers with two-stroke engines.
    PLATINUM Rider line covers 8 products: 6 oils for four-stroke engines and 2 oils for two-wheelers with two-stroke engines. 4T engine oils fulfil the latest quality requirements, especially API and JASO in various viscosity grades. The offer covers synthetic, semisynthetic and mineral oils. The unique formula for four-stroke engine oils has been developed based on the HTS – High Temperature Stability technology. An objective and advantage of the highly advanced HTS formula is to ensure effective lubrication of the engine, clutch and gear of every two-wheeler, not just when driving on the road but also under extreme operating conditions such as motorsport. HTS is a guarantee of maximum use of engine power while reducing sediment and ensuring efficient heat dissipation. PLATINUM Rider oils have endurance guarantee confirmed by motorcycle "ORLEN TEAM”.

The unique HTS technology means:

  • excellent piston cleanliness;
  • enhanced thermo-oxidative stability of oil;
  • enhanced shear stability under conditions of increased engine load in high
  • extended engine life;
  • excellent lubrication and protection of the clutch and gear;
  • effective protection against excessive gear wear;
  • increased engine power and acceleration.