Recommendations for ORLEN Oil oils


 ORLEN OIL has commenced cooperation with key manufacturers of products for the mining industry – Eickhoff and Becker-Warkop for the application of ORLEN Oil oils in mining machines. The two international concerns supply specialist equipment for the mining industry across the globe.

The following oils have been allowed for the application in the equipment for the mining industry:
·        gear oils (TRANSOL CLP, TRANSGEAR PE),
·        hydraulic oils (HYDROL L-HM/HLP, HYDROL L-HV)
·        lubes (HUTPLEX WR-1,LITEN PREMIUM ŁT-4 EP3)
Eickhoff Polonia and Becker-Warkop  are the leading  producers of machines and  equipment for mining. The producers confirm the high quality of their lubricant products which work perfectly in the very demanding equipment working conditions of the mining industry.