MWM TR-0199-99-2105 Approval for DELGAS L 40 Oil


    The ORLEN OIL Research and Development Department has had its DELGAS L 40 oil entered into the list of oils accepted for use with MWM Gmbh (formerly known as DEUTZ) gas engines. MWM, a leading manufacturer of gas engines and energy systems, belongs to American CATERPILLAR Inc., a global leader in the production of industrial engines, construction machinery and power generators.

    DELGAS L 40 is a high-quality, low-ash oil for stationary gas engines, developed based on refined base oils with a selection of enhancement additives. Its dispergation and cleaning additives control the accumulation of sludge and deposits to keep the engine clean at all times. Owing to its unique properties, it provides longer oil change intervals as well as reduced engine overhaul and maintenance costs.

    The approval enables the use of DELGAS L 40 oil in MWM, DEUTZ, gas engines, for which the manufacturer recommends using oils with sulphated ash content of up to 0.5%, i.e. in the majority of engines propelled by natural gas and fairly uncontaminated gases.

    Benefits of DELGAS L 40 oils:
• excellent thermal stability;
• resistance to oxidation and nitration;
• very good anti-wear properties;
• excellent protection against deposit formation;
• excellent anti-corrosion properties.