Warsaw and Krakow city buses run on Platinum Ultor oil


Having the largest fleets in Poland, Warsaw Bus Transport Company (MZA) and Krakow Public Transport Company (MPK) use oils from ORLEN Oil. Platinum Ultor Progress 10W-40 is the low-SAPS oil with guaranteed performance in vehicles requiring low-emission lubricants.

Nearly 500 modern buses of MPK Krakow fleet travel thousands of miles each day in busy city traffic, which is a demanding operating environment for engines. Stop-and-go city traffic is a real challenge to the oil which is to ensure proper engine lubrication along with maximum protection.

The Warsaw fleet includes over 1,300 low-floor buses of different makes, including the most advanced vehicles meeting stringent emission standards Euro 6 and Euro 5. 

Platinum Ultor Progress 10W-40 used in the buses of MZA Warsaw and MPK Krakow is a modern, fully synthetic engine oil suitable also for CNG-powered buses operated by MZA in Warsaw.

Platinum Ultor products provide tangible economic benefits by significantly reducing fuel consumption. They allow maximising the oil change intervals and extend the life of engine parts, which is of key importance for heavy-duty city buses.