What will happen if you pour oil in the engine?

All motorists even before receiving their cherished driver's license teach that leaving the parking lot at the level of motor oil below the minimum mark of the probe is prohibited. First, you should add the liquid engine to the required amount to ensure sufficient lubrication of the components of the engine and to protect it and your wallet from expensive repair, and after just moving, understand the causes of leakage and eliminate them.
At the same time, the danger of oil overflow in the engine in the driving schools is rarely spoken, and outside of such information rarely comes to our ears, so the "people" has developed a stereotype that ignoring the mark "MAX" does not threaten any serious car. But is it really? Let's understand.
So what will happen if you pour oil in the engine?
In fact, the excessive presence of oil in the lubricating engine system is as harmful as insufficiency, as it can provoke the following problems.
Increased fuel consumption
The increased wear of the motor is due to the fact that the excess fluid in the engine adds the level of resistance of the piston stroke in the engine cylinders. Consequently, the movement of the kneeling becomes complicated, and the torque from it passes to the leading axis of the car. As a result, the processing and additional wear of the motor through overcoming the artificially created resistance in addition to the greater pressure of the driver on the gas pedal.
Increased amount of carbon in a car engine.
This is both an engine failure and internal components of the combustion chamber.
Rapid pollution of the muffler.
It reduces the possible period of its operation. Rapid and sharp increase in emissions into the environment of exhaust gases, deterioration of their quality (increased toxicity and poisoning). Hence the advice: if there is a need to warm a car with a deliberately high level of engine oil in the engine in a closed room (garage), you must try to provide yourself and your relatives with maximum safety, by preventing their long stay in one room with a warming vehicle.
Increased fluid flow
Always leads to additional costs.
Failure of eyelets.
They can be simply extruded under the pressure of too much engine oil pressure.
Oiling spark plugs and their premature wear.
The overflow of oils in the engine almost always leads to the masking of spark plugs because of their constant presence in the liquid.