What does need to be known driver about an antifreeze?

In order to answer this question it is necessary to determine what functions should be performed by the coolant.
The main ones are:
1) Effectively remove heat from the engine;
2) have a high boiling point;
3) Do not cause corrosion in the cooling system and also protect it from corrosion;
4) Have a low freezing point;
5) Mother has the maximum length of use.
First of all, we want to emphasize that to determine the quality of antifreeze necessarily need to do laboratory research, but still some parameters can be estimated by simple visual methods, in particular:
1) If the cooling liquid with intense shaking is foaming and the foam does not settle for a long time, then forget about such a liquid, in case you have a modern car with high engine operating temperatures. Such a liquid is suitable only for older types of cars with low operating temperatures.
2) We can obtain data on the boiling and crystallization temperature only from the quality certificate on the product, but since the boiling point depends on the crystallization temperature, you should not expect that at the declared temperature of crystallization -650C you will have a boiling point of 1000C. As a rule, at a freezing point, most likely the boiling temperature will be no more than 850C. Due to the fact that the overwhelming majority of modern liquids consists of two main constituents of MEG, which freezes at a temperature of -12-150C and water with a crystallization temperature of 0 ° C, only with the proper proportions the parameters of the finished liquid can be applied to the desired temperature regimes.
We want to remind that Antifreeze is an international name for cooling liquids for engine cooling systems, and Tosol is a trademark of non-freezing coolant (antifreeze) developed in the USSR.
An optimum liquid for our conditions is a coolant with a temperature of crystallization of -350C and, correspondingly, a boiling point of 107-1080C.
Remember that if you prefer toastolium with a lower temperature of crystallization, you risk to get a low boiling point, which can have lethargic effects on your engine engine.
3) In order that the liquid does not cause corrosion, it must have adequate alkaline storage (in the range of 7.5 to 10). Such a liquid will affect whether corrosion will develop or not.
4) Since the two main components of the cooling fluid form an alcoholic solution, and all the alcohols are known to form acid during heating, there is a need to apply additional enrichment supplements. The more they are - the "noblest". But all the alcohols are corrosive substances that, when heated, form extremely aggressive oxides. Therefore, if your car is equipped with a radiator made of aluminum alloys, the simplest antifreeze in a very short time will turn it into something similar to a macaroni rinse. High-quality antifreeze contains a clear inscription on the package that they are suitable for use in aluminum radiators. The manufacturer, as a rule, tries to emphasize this, because the preparation of such a liquid requires very valuable components.
Dear our motorists, when choosing a coolant always use the recommendations of the manufacturer, beware of fakes (always the most popular products are forging).
Remember: overcooling or overheating of the engine reduces its motorcycle, leads to increased fuel and oil consumption.