What do you need to know to choose the correct hydraulic oil?


Dear our customers, today we want to tell you in more detail how to choose the right hydraulic oil. First of all, this oil is an indispensable component of any hydraulic systems (hydraulic actuators, control systems and so on. P.). The main task - the transfer of mechanical energy during operation.

In addition, high-quality oils must provide the following properties:
-Stability to oxidation under the influence of temperatures;
-Not excess foam formation;
-Filtration to maintain cleanliness of the system;
-Stainability to corrosion;
- Demultizing properties for water separation;
-Definition of the operating temperature range of the system;
- Improvement of output characteristics of the hydraulic drive;
-Protection against wear at high loads.
In structure, modern hydraulic oils are:
-Double glycols;
Classification of hydraulic oils (by ISO):
• H (based on non-fused mineral refined oils);
• HL (as H, only with anticorrosive and antioxidant additives);
• HLP (as HL, only with anti-extinguishing EP additives);
• HLPD (as HLP, only with detergent-dispersing additives);
• HVLP (as HLP, but with a high viscosity index (VI), all-season);
• HVLPD (as HVLP, only with detergent dispersants).
Each has its own advantages and uses, so that there is no single universal solution. All of them are selected for specific tasks, operating conditions and type of equipment. A pick up, receive high-quality advice and buy hydraulic oils you can with us in of "Loco."
Consider the most popular hydraulic oil from our range:
Hydrol L-HM / HLP 46
General characteristics
Hydraulic oil Hydrol L-HM / HLP 46 for hydrostatic hydraulic systems are based on high quality mineral base oils and complex oblahorodzhuvalnyh additives that increase the options against wear, oxidation and corrosion resistance.
- Extension of service life
- Reduced wear of the surface of the friction elements in hydraulic pump systems,
Hydraulic oil Hydrol® L-HM / HLP intended mainly for use in power transmission and drive and hydraulic control of high load, ie, hydraulic, mechanical gears, transmission regulation and management, and other similar equipment that works In difficult conditions at elevated temperature and humidity of the environment.

To minimize breakdowns hydraulic systems associated with getting into the hydraulic oil, foreign particles recommend to fill hydraulic system by pumping a special pump, instead of just pouring. Only this can minimize the likelihood of dirt or garbage coming from the surface of the filler hole in the middle of the system. If you have already decided to simply pour, it is recommended to use a filter that "catch" foreign particles.