What to do if the car is pierced and lowered?


If the wheel is lowered or punched?
    If you find a lowered wheel, then the first thing to try to pump it with the help of a car compressor for tires. It is desirable to have these devices for every motorist, because they will help to pump the wheel when there is no help or far from civilization (in the village or on a deserted route), and their cost is small.
When the car wheel is pumped, listen to the sounds that come out of the wheel. If the wheel is pierced or there is a cut, then you can hear a whistle from the bus. Also, a clear sign is the pressure drop in the tire, after being pumped to the nominal. Verdict: when the tire goes down very quickly and it is impossible to continue the movement - this is either a replacement for a spare wheel or to get to the nearest car service.
    And if you imagine that the two wheels are pierced, for example on the right side of the car. What to do then?
First of all, it comes to mind - to evacuate. It can always be done, there would be a mobile phone with you. But remember, if the situation occurred outside the city, the call of the tow truck will cost you a fair amount.
How much can you drive on the lowered wheel?
The main thing to go carefully and slowly. This is a risk because you can damage the car's suspension details. And also the wheel itself, and if you have original tires and discs, then moving on the wheel is extremely dangerous. Possible major damage to the tire and disk, which will lead to their complete replacement.
    Let's summarize, if you go to the tire not far, you can get yourself. If you are far from civilization and is not near the car service, it is worth filling the tire with scraps and getting to the place of repair. Also, do not forget about third-party assistance, such as the call evacuator, or the mutual assistance of drivers.