We distinguish high-quality motor oil from forgery


Tip  1
Pay attention to the viscosity of the oil. The result of the search for images for the query "oil viscosity"
One of the main criteria for a quality oil is its viscosity.
In fake oils, much less special additives and thickeners, so non-original composition may be unacceptably liquid.
Unfortunately, this does not always come out right away. If quality fake, then at normal temperature, the oil will have a normal thickness.
Cheating is already in the process of exploiting when checking the level of oil on a well-heated engine.
Tip  2
Take a look at the label.
This way of detecting a marriage is very simple, but effective at the same time. Pay particular attention to what kind of label is marked on the date of manufacture.
The digits should indicate the date of production, the time, the batch number. In this case, the information on the label should be exactly the same as the one on the canister.
In case you find a mismatch or do not have manufacturing on the label at all, then in your hands with a 99% probability fake.
Tip 3
Evaluate the oily properties of the product.
After the purchase, do not hurry to use the oil immediately after use - check it.
First, roll a little lubricant on your finger and appreciate its structure, oiliness.
Second, take a prepared transparent container, pour a little oil in it and put it in a dark place for at least 5-10 minutes. After that, carefully inspect the product. The oil should not have signs of flaking, its consistency should be homogeneous, no trace of siege, and dark particles should not be.
Tip 4
Pay attention to the color. Distinguish quality butter from forgery, Top 6 tips from an expert
Before pouring oil, evaluate not only the viscosity, but also the color.
Ideally, it should have an amber hue. If the color of the product is too dark, this may indicate a poor quality of the product.
Tip 5
We check the oil on the quality of additives.
For this experiment, we will need a pre-prepared sheet of paper (preferably A4). Take a little bit of motor oil to it. Keep the paper slightly under the slope so that the oil drips and managed to absorb a little into the fibrous structure. We distinguish high quality butter from forgery, Top 6 tips from an expert
If, after passing the lubricant on the white paper, there are dark spots, then you can be sure of the presence of poor-quality additives.
Tip 6
Pay attention to the place of sale of the product and its price.
If you are "lucky" to buy oil from a famous brand at a very low price - do not hurry to rejoice.
In most cases it is a fake. Try to buy oil exclusively in branded stores, the cost of which may be slightly more expensive, but you will be assured of quality and save on repairs.
Let's summarize
So, let's summarize the difference between fake motor oil from the original product:
first, there are too few additives in the forging, or they are absent altogether;
and secondly, the non-original product has a less viscous texture;
Thirdly, the dark orange color is an obvious evidence of a fake;
Fourth, the original does not freeze in its proper temperature regime, the fake can crystallize at a small minus temperature;
fifthly, counterfeit oil has a lower price than the original.
What can be concluded? Do not save on your car.
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