How to care for a car in the winter


Every car owner knows well that car should be looked after, otherwise it will not be comfortable to ride on it, and soon it will be impossible. In order for the car to please the owner, he needs care, especially in the winter.
Very often and not pleasant for car owners the phenomenon of snowfall. Depending on the frequency of snowfall, but at least once a week, you should check the windscreen tank to ensure that it does not end in at the most appropriate moment. The sink is definitely important, but if you do not have a wipers, then the effect will be zero. Check the work of the wipers before each departure, but do not just check whether they are moving or not, and check how they remove wind turbine from the windshield.
Also, one of the problems in zimki is the smelting of glass, since a rinse gets some amount of snow that will melt, and as a result, glass can sweat. To prevent this, it is necessary to wash and dry the mats from time to time.
Winter tires wear out much faster because of the soft tread, so at least once a month check the balancing of the wheels. It should not be forgotten about the timely pumping of tires, because because of temperature fluctuations pressure in tires can change, which does not very well affect the coupling properties.
Water freezes at zero degrees, and in car washes the machine washed with water. It follows that the water is freezing there, where it has fallen, and since it will get into all openings on the sink, then after washing it is necessary to wipe the outer parts of the locks thoroughly and it will not be unnecessary to blow them with a jet of air, so that they do not freeze. Well, if you treat them special liquid, it will be even better.
If you often have to make not large trips, it is likely that soon on the candles will form a scum, which worsens the engine start. There are two ways to get rid of the scum: with the twist of candles and without the dismantling of candles. As it is clear, it is clear when cleaning candles with disassembly candles are twisted and cleaned of scum. To get rid of the scum without dismantling the candles, you need to find the opportunity to ride in a straight line at high revs, then the fire burns. The best way for this method is to travel around the city.
The battery needs to be recharged once and a half months, so that one morning it will not let you down, as the load on it increases in winter.
It is necessary to include the conditioner in the winter, because if the air conditioner is not included, the rubber seals may lose tightness. To prevent this, turn on the air conditioner several times a month for 10 to 15 minutes at the operating furnace.

Any driver does not like the slippery road, but much more does not like the salt that the dirt is poured into, so that it does not turn into a skating rink. It's hard to say that it is not useful, and if the car is not washed, then the salt will start to roar. 'Carry parts and cause corrosion. When washing, do not forget about the bottom and wheel arches, which are most affected by salt. If possible, cover the machine with a layer of wax, it will not allow the salt to come into contact with the body of the vehicle.
Love your car!