How to check the level of oil in ACPP?


Not every owner of such technology knows exactly how to check the level of oil in automatic transmission. In cars with automatic gearbox it is very important to control the level of the transmission fluid. The main rules of how to check the oil in a box of this type include the heated engine, as well as the position of the lever of the choice of range in the position "R" - "Parking".
RVD in an automatic box is introduced in this position with long parking: it is then the movement of the car is blocked.
Necessary steps to check
In order to correctly check the level of oil, you must perform a number of actions:
1. Start the car and drive it at least 15 km in order to allow the oil to warm up to the working temperature - 66-93⁰С.
2. Having checked that the transmission fluid is sufficiently warmed up, it is necessary to stop the car, but it is not necessary to muffle the engine.
3. It is very important to place a car on an equal and horizontal surface, it is with this condition that the correct check will be obtained.
4. When the wheel is locked, the driver must consistently move and hold the gear selector in all positions for about 5 seconds. This is done so that the oil is evenly distributed over the hydraulic system.
5. Then the lever is finally moved to the "R" mode. In order to check the level of oil in the box, in some models the selector should be left in the "N" - "Neutral" position.
6. After that, the brake pedal must be released.
7. Under the hood is necessary to find a probe - a metal rod for measuring the level of oil in automatic transmission.

8. This metal rod should be gently wiped with dry matter and rotated to the point until it stops. After that you need to pull it out again.
9. On the probe there are usually a few inscriptions or inscriptions. It is possible that the labels will be in the form of "Full" and "Insert", then the acceptable level of oil in the automatic transmission should correspond to the drop of oil between the two symbols. If these labels are four, most likely, the upper two will be labeled "Hot", and the bottom two will be "Cold". The first ones are needed for checking in a hot box, and the second one is for cold. It is important to understand that it is not possible to make measurements correctly at a cold engine, and there will be no exact indications. To get the right result, you need to clearly understand how to check the oil level correctly, and for this purpose it is necessary to warm up the car and use the "Hot" mark on the measuring probe.
10. If it is necessary, it is not necessary to add more than 0.5 liters. Here's another question: how to check the level of oil after it is flooded? To do this, do not immediately measure the level, but you must wait at least 10 minutes before checking the oil in the ACPP again.
11. After making sure that the oil level indicator in the box is optimal, you should insert the probe into place so that its top part adheres tightly to the neck. This will save the AKPP from falling into it such foreign particles as dirt or water.