To check the oil level in the engine?


Do you know how to check the oil level in the engine, and what do we need this test? First of all, you must know that the engine oil check is performed to determine the possibility of further operation and assess the level of need to control the normal operation of the engine.

The oil is used to lubricate rotating and working parts and assemblies in the engine and to reduce friction, which leads to strong znoshuvanosti parts of the motor.
The oil poor, clogged and developed, can bring down your vehicle engine.

Getting tested
The test should be performed on a cold engine. This car should be on a flat horizontal surface. The thought of engine oil is made with a special maslomerom which is a metal probe with marks. This probe is placed at the bottom of the engine.

To test must pull out the dipstick, wipe it dry with a clean cloth, then insert it into the seat, then again need to pull out and see which of the marks is oil. It should be midway between the minimum and maximum marks levels.
If oil is above the maximum level, it means that it is the engine transfused (in excess). This should be avoided because excess oil will get into the crankcase ventilation system that can lead to getting straight to the cylinders.
The minimum oil level is also unwanted, and ride to the lack of oil in the motor car generally contraindicated. A small amount of oil in the engine causes the surface of the cylinder, friction, components and virtually neck crank will be deprived of oil, which quickly lead to engine failure and repair it - it's very expensive.
Fix the lack of oil in the engine can be very simple. To this end, the neck should add a little oil, then wait until it is drained, and control its level probe. If necessary, need to repeat dolyvku. Typically, the number pour oil can reach up to half a liter. The oil dipstick has to be visually clean and clear, free of foreign particles and debris.

Fill the engine should only manufacturer recommended oil type. If necessary, replace the oil in the engine, the old should be drained and then make a new fill.