How to choose a winter washer!


    Today, we offer to talk about the actual, namely, the winter washbasin glass. It would seem that there is nothing simpler, but not all is so simple.
Let's try to figure out how to choose a winter washbasin glass and what should pay attention to first:
Look at the warehouse
The main ingredients used in the preparation of the washer are alcohol and water. When choosing a winter washbasin, you first need to look at the quality and type of alcohol used by the manufacturer, because it is the main ingredient.
The liquid containing methanol is considered to be the most affordable. This alcohol has an affordable price, but there is one "but", methanol refers to strong poisons that affect the nervous, as well as the vascular system. Think about your safety and always read the composition before you make a purchase. If the winter washbasin is odorless, then you should be careful, because the methyl alcohol is exactly the same.
Such alcohol is the most safe and relevant to date. The only minus is a high price, so the demand for such an option if it is, then it is extremely rare. In essence, it is familiar to all vodka, only odorless and mixed with water.
Couples flying in air when using a washer on ethanol will not affect the state of health of the driver and his crew. As with methanol, pure ethyl is practically odorless. Its use does not cause any discomfort.
Winter washer washer based on isopropyl alcohol - one of the most advanced. Concentration of vapors is not able to harm the driver and his passengers.
The only disadvantage of the washer based on this alcohol is a specific odor that resembles acetone, so in expensive and high-quality fluids, special "mufflers" are used to get rid of it.
Bioethanol. This kind of liquid for a tank of a washer is the most expensive. This liquid contains bioethanol, roughly speaking it is the same food alcohol that is mixed with surfactants. There is no danger to this glass washer, but you will agree that it is easier to buy vodka for such money and to pour it into the windscreen tank, diluting lightly with a gel for washing the dishes, will be no worse, at least to -30 ° is not exactly freezing.
How not to buy a fake!
Good advice:
1. Do not run on the low cost of the washer.
2. Watch not only for what you buy, but also for where you buy. In a serious automobile shop with all certificates and licenses, you are unlikely to slip a fake.
3. When choosing a window wiper, pay attention to the label, it should be informative. The bottle should contain information about the manufacturer, the composition, and barcode. All inscriptions and markings must be clear.We hope this information will help you to choose a quality washer!
Take care of yourself and your car!