How to save yourself and the car from the heat!


The heat and the sun can not only give you a perfect, or not quite, tan. They can also do mischief. This is especially true for those who spend a lot of time at the wheel in the summer.
So save yourself so as not to lose:
1. When parking, leave your car in the shade if possible.
2. Even after a short stall, it is necessary to ventilate the cabin and only then start the movement.
3. It is necessary to have in the car a minimum amount of drugs that you use as a rule, and also necessarily - a supply of water.
4. With the slightest deterioration of well-being you must necessarily lower your speed and stop.
5. Try not to exceed the speed and increase the distance to vehicles that are moving in front.
6. If you need to stop, then you need to slow down the speed gradually, because with sharp abrasion on a hot asphalt the car can be put.