How to choose the oil for the chainsaw and the chain. What is important?


Spring has come, and with it and time is garden works. When cutting a tree to a modern person it is already hard to do without garden machinery, (petrol, and electric saws). In this article, we will talk about the oil that needs to be used in this technique and how important it plays.
As you know, the chainsaw has a two-stroke internal combustion engine. There is no direct supply of oil in it, therefore the fuel-oil mixture is used. The main proportion of mixing is 1:50, at least 1:40. When choosing an oil, it is necessary to be guided exclusively by the requirements of the manufacturer of chainsaws, as well as the specifications of the oil itself. It is for the chainsaw that there are no specially designed tolerances, however, there is for two-stroke engines in general. For example, API TC + JASO FC CEC TSC-3 ISO-L-EGD. (We will not dwell on the consideration of these specifications). In essence, the oil in the chainsaw performs a number of important functions, namely:
1. Excellent mixing with gasoline (special additive);
2.Antioxidative ability;
3. Anticorrosion function;
4.Transfer function;
5. Meaningful function.
Along with these functions, the oil should have the lowest ash content, low ability to smoke, and should also prevent coking of bypass and exhaust systems. The oil should also have a low frosting point, for example, when working in the autumn-winter period. When working in the engine, the oil must prevent the spark plugs contaminated, ensure the engine's cleanliness, reduce the wear of the moving parts.
Orlen Oil Trawol 2T Olive Oil fulfills these requirements and performs these functions, with properties you can find in our online store.
Fuel and oil mixture should be stored for no more than two weeks! Since during long-term storage chemical reactions of oxidation occur, and volatile components of gasoline evaporate. All this in general can negatively affect the engine chainsaws. And the consumer in turn will blame the manufacturer of oil.
It is also important to lubricate the chain and sprockets on the tires. Many believe that you can use any oil for these purposes. We dare to disappoint you if you drank, not your neighbor, so do, not recommended.
The chain oil in the first place should reduce the temperature resulting from the friction of the chain and the tires. It should reduce the wear of the teeth, the parts and the steering tire. Also, this oil should have in its composition anticorrosive, antioxidant, anti-wear additive. It should have good sticky. All these qualities have a product that is presented in the LOKO assortment, namely: Pilarol (Z).
It should also be remembered that after working with a saw, it is necessary to lubricate the star on the tire with a special syringe, to clean the tire from sawdust to clean the holes for the oil supply.