Replacing the oil in a special engine


    Timely oil change in the engine of an excavator or other special equipment is an important factor in maintaining the performance of the power plant of the machine. Many operators of special equipment are rather negligent to replace the engine oil - forget the timing of its change or deliberately stretch the oil exploitation period, hoping for savings. Orlen Oil specialists are urging owners of special equipment to strictly monitor the periodicity of the replacement of motor oils, since this procedure substantially minimizes the risk of engine breakdown and ensures its efficient operation.
    In the replacement of engine oil two rules should be guided:
• Replacing the oil in the engine after working out 250 mph / h;
• Replacing engine oil after 35 hours of work changes.
    It should be noted that in conjunction with the change of oil should be changed and oil filter, because the oil and filter, which worked the above term significantly lose their performance and do not provide protection of the engine.
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