Petrygo Q

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General features

The fluid is the latest generation of the popular Petrygo coolant manufactured since 1989. It is a ready-to-use product with freezing protection level suitable for conditions prevalent in Poland (freezing point of <-35°C). It should be used undiluted for filling (refilling) cooling systems.

Petrygo Q has been developed based on ethylene glycol (1,2-Ethanediol) and deionized water. A complete package of enhancement additives, including organic corrosion inhibitors, stabilizers, anti-foaming agents, dye and denatonium benzoate, provides effective and long-lasting protection for engine components. Petrygo Q coolant does not contain hazardous substances, such as nitrites, phosphates, amines and borates.


This all-purpose product is suitable for all types of car engines, both new aluminium types and older engines. Petrygo Q coolant can be stored for 3 years from the production date. Its service life in a cooling system is minimum 3 years or 100,000 kilometres.

Standards, approvals, specifications

Conformity with standards: Polish PN-C 40007:2000, American ASTM D 3306-03

Physical and chemical properties
Parameter Required by standard Typical values
Density at 20°C [g/ml] 1,068 - 1,080 1,071
Ash content [% m/m] < 2,5 0,45
Boiling point [°C] > 107,5 108,0
pH 7.5 to 11 10,0
Alkali reserve [ml 0.1 N HCI] > 3,0 6,0
Crystallization point ​<-35 ​-36
Foam volume [ml] ​<150 ​50
​Decay rate [s] ​<5 ​2
Corrosion test acc. to PN-93/C-40008/07, plate weight change [mg/plate] ​Below:​
Copper ​10 ​<3
Binder ​30 ​<3
Brass ​10 ​<3
Steel ​10 ​<3
Cast iron ​10 ​<3
Aluminium ​30 ​<3
Corrosion test of cast aluminium alloys acc. to PN-93/C-40008/08, plate weight change [mg/cm²] ​Below 1.0 ​<0,2
Corrosion test acc. to PN-93/C-40008/09, plate weight change [mg/plate] ​Up to:
Copper ​20 ​<3
Binder ​60 ​<3
Brass ​20 ​<3
Steel ​120 ​<3
​Cast iron ​20 ​<3
Aluminium ​60 ​<3