Orlen Oil Mixol S

Фасовка Ціна Кількість
109.50 UAH
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Quality class:API : TB/TA
Viscosity grad:

General features

Oil manufactured from highly refined base oils and a set of enriching additives. 

It guarantees: 

• very good mixing with fuel,
• good cleaning and dispersing properties which limit formation of carbon deposit, ash slurry, lake and sediments,
• low flow temperature which allows application in difficult operating conditions,very good anticorrosive properties.


ORLEN OIL Mixol S is intended for two-stroke engines with spark ignition lubricated in a mixture. It includes dissolvent providing easy mixing with fuel. It may be directly poured into the fuel tank. The most favourable oil and fuel ratio is defined by the engine operating manual. 
Dosage: 2% of the fuel volume /1:50/ unless otherwise recommended by the engine manufacturer.

Standards, approvals, specifications

Meets requirements:

Physical and chemical properties

ParametersUnitsTypical values
Kinematic viscosity 1000Cmm2/s6.0
Flow temperature0C-40
Ignition temperature0C85
Sulphate ash%0.11
Note: Physicochemical parameters listed in the table are typical values. Real values are stated in quality control certificates attached to each product lot.