Orlen Oil Semisyntetic SG/CD 10W-40

Фасовка Ціна Кількість
417.48 UAH
20л 1632.72 UAH
180кг/205л 15036.00 UAH
Сума (UAH):
Quality class:API : SG/CD
Viscosity grad:SAE: 10W-40

General features

Semisynthetic, multiseasonal engine oil based on mineral base oils with some synthetic bases added.

It provides:

• good engine protection against wear out
• proper engine cleanness
• extended engine lifetime
• good corrosion protection
• extended interchange period


ORLEN OIL Semisynthetic 10W-40 is intended for engines of cars and LCVs. It is perfect for both petrol and diesel engines in which mineral oil was used before. Application of synthetic bases provides better engine lubrication in hard operating conditions (city traffic, traffic jams) and guarantees to keep the engine staunch. It also may be used for vehicles, manufacturer of which recommends using of API: SH.

Physical and chemical properties
ParametersUnitsTypical values
SAE viscosity grade-10W-40
kinematic viscosity at 1000Cmm2/s13.8
viscosity at -200CMPas3100
HTHS viscosity at 1500CMPas3.69
viscosity index-156
flow temperature0C-33
ignition temperature0C233
base value TBNmg KOH/g11.4
sulphate ash%1.1
Noack volatility%(m/m)11.4

Note: Physicochemical parameters listed in the table are typical values. Real values are stated in quality control certificates attached to each product lot.