Orlen Oil Classic Gas Synthetic 5W-40

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353.70 UAH
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Quality class:  API: SL

Viscosity grad: SAE: 5W-40


General features

Synthetic motor oil, based on a technology using appropriately selected, high quality base oils and a high-quality package of enriching additives. Thanks to perfectly selected ingredients with low ash content, the oil provides effective lubrication of all engine components during the year-round operation of the engine, in all driving conditions.


It guarantees:

• excellent lubrication for LPG and petrol engines

• easy start-up in winter, which reduces the degree of engine components’ wear and tear

• perfectly clean engine all year long

• efficient and effective protection for engines combusting two fuel types

• longer service life



Platinum Classic Gas Synthetic 5W-40 designed specifically for users of vehicles equipped with LPG installation. Recommended for year-round operation in engines powered by two types of fuel - petrol and liquefied gas.

Suitable for use both in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It is ideal for use in vehicles operating on routes such as motorways (express ways) and in urban traffic conditions. Recommended for use in modern type vehicles, equipped with both sequential and semi- sequential gas installations.


Physical and chemical properties




Typical values

Viscosity class SAE



Kinematic viscosity in temp. 1000C



Viscosity index



Pour point



Ignition temperature



Total Basic Number (TBN)

mg KOH/g



Note: The above physical-chemical parameters are typical values. Actual values ​​are shown on the quality certificates attached to each batch of the product.