Orlen Oil Classic Semisynthetic 10W-40

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Quality class:  API: SL/SJ/CF


Viscosity grad:           SAE: 10W-40


General features

Semi-synthetic, all-season engine oil based on a modern formulation which, besides base oils, contains an up-to-date, perfectly matched package of improvers. The technology, which has been used, allows excellent oil parameters to be obtained and reduces the risk of excessive valve wear, at the same time ensuring better buildup control.


It guarantees:

• effective engine protection and cleanness by keeping soot in a suspension,

• failure-free engine operation during start-up in difficult conditions,

• proper antiwear protection level for engine components,

• slowed down ageing processes,

• extended engine life.



Orlen Oil Classic Semisynthetic 10W-40 is designed for all-year-round use in petrol or diesel fuel operated automobile engines. Owing to its excellent formulation, guaranteeing outstanding parameters, this oil may be successfully used in lightweight delivery trucks and vans as well.

This oil may be used in both new and older type engines which have been operated for a few years and are characterised by higher mileage, for which manufacturers recommend lower grade oils. Owing to the unique CPF technology, the oil ensures excellent engine work in all conditions: while running in traffic jams, normal traffic, and longer journeys.

The high quality of the oil is confirmed not only by its improved technology, but also by satisfying the requirements of Mercedes-Benz 229.1.


Standards, approvals, specifications

Meet requirements:

Mercedes – Benz 229.1


Physical and chemical properties




Typical values

SAE viscosity grade



kinematic viscosity at 1000C



viscosity index



pour point



flash point



base value TBN

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