Orlen Oil MaxЕxpert F 5W-30

Фасовка Ціна Кількість
459.48 UAH
1765.80 UAH
Сума (UAH):

Quality class:  API: SL/CF

ACEA: A1/B1, A5/B5

Viscosity grad:           SAE: 5W-30


General features

Up-to-date synthetic multigrade motor oil dedicated for FORD cars. The new-generation technology - Complex Protection Formula allowed to obtain an ideal harmony of base oils with properly selected package of improvers characterised by a unique molecule formula. The CPF guarantees excellent engine protection both in summer and winter. Moreover, the CPF reduces the risk of excessive valve wear, at the same time ensuring better buildup control.


It guarantees:

• minimised engine wear owing to reduced frictional resistance values,

• complete engine protection against corrosion and rusting,

• efficient heat removal from engine,

• fuel savings,

• quick start at low temperatures,

• excellent protection against oil residue and buildup formation,

• extended service periods.



Platinum MaxExpert F 5W-30 has been designed for users who value driving FORD cars. It satisfies one of the most recent Ford specifications: WSS-M2C913-D. Also, it is suitable for use in other modern automobiles and light delivery vans equipped with self-ignition petrol engines or Diesel engines, either turbocharged or not.

It is recommended for use in any running conditions, both in summer and winter, at the same time guaranteeing extended service periods.

It is recommended for vehicles satisfying Euro 6 standards.


Standards, approvals, specifications

Ford WSS-M2C913-C

Meets requirements of:

Ford WSS-M2C913-D

Renault RN 0700

Jaguar JTJLR 03.5003


Physical and chemical properties




Typical values

SAE viscosity class



kinematic viscosity at the temp. 1000C



viscosity index



pour point



TBN base number

Mg KOH/g


sulphated ash



evaporative loss according to Noack

% (m/m)



Comment: The above values of physical and chemical parameters are typical. Actual values are specified in quality certificates enclosed with each product lot.