Orlen Oil MaxЕxpert V 5W-30

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Quality class:  ACEA: C3

Viscosity grad: SAE: 5W-30


General features

Long Life type latest generation synthetic motor oil designed on the basis of Complex Protection Formula. The CPF guarantees optimal engine protection in all service conditions. The unique mid SAPS recipe (decreased content of sulphated ash, sulphur, and phosphorus) guarantees excellent oil parameters, reduces valve wear risk, at the same time ensuring better buildup control. It contributes to reduction of solid particle accumulation in DPF filters and limits chances for catalyst poisoning in spark ignition engines.

Platinum MaxExpert V 5W–30 is an energy-saving oil, guaranteeing lower fuel and oil consumption, more mileage between changes, and protection of natural environment.


It guarantees:

• more mileage between oil changes,

• long service life for engine and filters – owing to the mid SAPS technology,

• protection of natural environment,

• lower fuel and oil consumption,

• quick start at low temperatures,

• engine cleanness due to keeping soot in suspension,

• excellent thermal and oxidising stability.



Platinum MaxExpert V 5W-30 is designed for all-year-round service, first of all for automobiles and light delivery vans using modern petrol engines with catalyst and Diesel engines, either turbocharged or not, equipped with DPF or TWC filters. It has been designed so as to satisfy the most recent Volkswagen requirements: VW 504 00/507 00, but it may be also used in engines that require older VW specifications. Apart from Volkswagen Group cars: Audi, Seat, and Skoda, it is a perfect fit for passenger cars and off-road vehicles from other manufacturers. It is recommended for vehicles satisfying Euro 6 standards.


Standards, approvals, specifications

VW Standard 504 00/ VW Standard 507 00


Meets requirements of:

Mercedes-Benz 229.51

BMW Longlife-04

Porsche C30

Audi, Skoda, Seat

(engines, for which manufacturer recommends the “mid SAPS” type oils satisfying the VW 504 00/507 00 standard)


Physical and chemical properties




Typical values

SAE viscosity class



kinematic viscosity at the temp. 1000C



viscosity index



flow temperature



TBN base number

Mg KOH/g


sulphated ash



evaporative loss according to Noack

% (m/m)



Comment: The above values of physical and chemical parameters are typical. Actual values are specified in quality certificates enclosed with each product lot.