Orlen Oil MaxЕxpert XF 5W-30

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459.48 UAH
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Quality class:  API: SM/CF


Viscosity grad:           SAE: 5W-30


General features

High-grade synthetic motor oil suitable for use both in summer and winter. This oil technology has been developed on the basis of CPF. The Complex Protection Formula guarantees optimal engine protection in any service conditions ensuring excellent oil parameters throughout the period of use between changes. Platinum MaxExpert XF 5W-30 is compatible with DPF and TWC exhaust gas processing equipment.


It guarantees:

• Ideal lubrication throughout its service life

• Compatibility with DPF filters and TWC catalysts

• Perfect thermal and thermo-oxidising stability

• Optimisation of energy consumption and emissions thus ensuring better environment protection

• Safe engine operation already from start-up, also in winter

• Excellent engine protection against friction and wear



Orlen Oil MaxЕxpert XF 5W-30 has been designed for drivers preferring cars manufactured by PSA Group (Citroen, Peugeot), and by Renault. It is to be used in automobiles and light delivery vans equipped with Diesel or petrol engines, either turbocharged or not.

This oil may be successfully used in environment-friendly vehicles, those equipped with exhaust gas reduction systems like DPF and TWC, and at the same time extending their service life.

It meets quality level according to ILSAC GF-4. It is recommended for vehicles satisfying Euro 6 standards.


Standards, approvals, specifications

Renault RN0700


Meets requirements of:

PSA B712290, B712288/ Citroen, Peugeot


Physical and chemical properties




Typical values

SAE viscosity class



kinematic viscosity at the temp. 1000C



viscosity index



flow temperature



TBN base number

Mg KOH/g


sulphated ash



evaporative loss according to Noack

% (m/m)



Comment: The above values of physical and chemical parameters are typical. Actual values are specified in quality certificates enclosed with each product lot.