Hydrokop Synthetic

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General features

Hydrokop® Syntetic concentrate to produce oil and water emulsion is manufactured with synthetic hydrocarbons, water and enriching additives including corrosion inhibitors, emulsifiers and anti-foaming additive.
Hydrokop® Syntetic concentrate allows to produce microemulsion featured by high level of operational parameters i.e.:

- high biodegradability (which is important in case of leakage and contamination of underground water),
- high emulsifying ability,
- high concentrate and microemulsion stability,
- microemulsion resistance to microbiological contamination,
- good anticorrosive properties and low concentration,
- compatibility with sealants
Hydrokop® Syntetic concentrate contents ca. 50% of water which makes it incombustible.


Hydrokop® Syntetic emulsifying concentrate in form of water microemulsion is mainly used as HFAE non-flammable hydraulic fluid in mining industry in pilot or electrohydraulically controlled shield supports and central or individually powered props.
Recommended emulsion concentration is between 0,5 % to 2,0 %.

Standards, approvals, specifications

FAZOS S.A. approval
Meets requirements: 
PN-EN ISO 12922:2003
7tth Luxemburg Report (1994)

Physical and chemical properties




Typical values

Kinematic viscosity at 20oC



Water content, min.



Requirements for 0.5% oil and water emulsion made with type V sample water

Emulsion pH value



Stability test at temp. 70oC for 24 hrs.




ATTENTION: Physicochemical parameters listed in the table are typical values.