Platinum Ultor CG-4 15W-40

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General features

Mineral, multiseasonal oil type SHPDO for strongly exerted diesel engines.

It provides:
  • high engine cleanness,
  •  minimal engine wear,
  •  prevented karbon black production,
  •  prevented piston ring seizing,
  •  perfect resistance to oxidation,
  •  extended interchange period

PLATINUM ULTOR CG-4 15W – 40 is a modern SHPDO (Super High Performance Diesel Oil) engine oil. It is intended for supercharged and not supercharged diesel engines especially in huge trucks, buses operating in hard conditions and building equipment.
This oil is recommended by leasing manufactures of vehicles for use In loaded diesel engines meetings requirements of Euro III, II, I. It is featured by perfect wear protecting properties, anticorrosive, cleaning as well as it guarantee extended interchange period.

Standards, approvals, specifications

MAN M 3275-1
Volvo VDS-2
Renault RVI RD/RD-2
TEDOM 258-3
AVIA - Engine type: 712, D407, D421.76, D421.85

It meets provision of the following:

MB–Approval 228.3
Scania (for Euro III engines at 60000 km drain periods)
MTU type 2
Deutz DQC-II-05
Caterpillar ECF-1a
DAF EUR 2 and EUR 3

Physical and chemical properties
Parameters Unit Typical values
SAE viscosity grade - 15W-40
Kinematic viscosity at 1000C mm2/s 14,3
HTHS viscosity at 1500C mPas 4,0
Viscosity index - 140
Flow temperature 0C -35
Ignitron temperature 0C 223
Base value TBN mg KOH/g 10,5
Sulphate ash % 1,5
Nocka volatility %(m/m) 11,5
Note: Physicochemical parameters listed In the table are typical values. Real values are stated in quality control certificates attached to each product lot.