Platinum Ultor Мах 5W-30

Фасовка Ціна Кількість
20л 9270.90 UAH
Сума (UAH):
Quality class:ACEA: E7, E5, E4
Viscosity grad:SAE: 5W–30

General features

Full synthetic, highest quality UHPDO engine oil. It is intended for diesel engines especially in huge trucks, building equipment and buses, which operating in very hard conditions.

It provides:
  • extended interchange period,
  • stable oil quality,
  • environment protection,
  • excellent properties at low temperatures,
  • maximal engine power in very hard conditions,
  • engine cleanness with no need to keep black karbon in the suspension,
  • decrease fuel and oil consumption, 
  • long live of engine,
  • reduced operating costs for fleet of motor vehicles.

PLATINUM ULTOR MAX 5W–30 first of all is intended for mulitiseasonal operating in supercharged and not supercharged diesel engines. Thanks to excellently matched synthetic base oils and enriching additives, in the hardest conditions of operating guarantees perfect engine lubrication.
It can also be applied in cars equipped with SCR catalysts as to which manufacturer declares meeting requirements Euro V. It is also recommended for older vehicles meeting requirements Euro IV, III, II, I. It meets the EPA Tier I and II standards in range of NOx and PM (particulate matter).
Platinum Ultor Max 5W–30 is energy-saving oils, it guarantee decrease fuel and oil consumption, extended interchange period as well as environment protection.

Standards, approvals, specifications

MAN M 3277
MB-Approval 228.5
Volvo VDS-3
Scania LDF
Deutz DQC IV-10 
Cummins CES 20077
MTU Type 3

It meets provision of the following: 

Renault RVI RXD
Scania LDF
Cummins CES 20071/72/76 DAF HP1/HP2

Physical and chemical properties

Parameters  Unit  Typical values  
SAE viscosity grade-5W-30
Kinematic viscosity at 1000Cmm2/s12,0
HTHS viscosity at 1500CMPas3,62
Viscosity index-163
Flow temperature0C-54
Ignitron temperature0C220
Base value TBNmg KOH/g16,0
Sulphate ash%1,9
Nocka volatility%(m/m)7,3
Note: Physicochemical parameters listed In the table are typical values. Real values are stated in quality control certificates attached to each product lot.