Platinum Ultor Optimo CJ 10W-30

Фасовка Ціна Кількість
кг 349.20 UAH
20л 6485.88 UAH
205л 63035.58 UAH
Сума (UAH):

Quality class:

API CI-4/CJ-4/CK-4
ACEA: E6-12/E7-12/E9-12

Viscosity grad:

SAE: 10W-30


General features

New generation, semi-synthetic SHPD engine oil. Superior technology has been developed through high quality oil bases with a set of additives reducing low sulfur, phosphorous and sulfated ash content.
• outstanding engine performance under all operating conditions
• extend the life of filters and oil change periods,
• effective engine cleanliness by maintaining contaminants in suspension
• improving fuel economy,
• maximum engine power in extreme conditions,
• safe operation of catalytic exhaust engines


Platinum Ultor Optimo 10W-30 is low-SAPS motor oil recommended for diesel engines operating under tough conditions. It is dedicated for engines conforming to Euro VI and lower. It is perfect for all conditions in summer and winter. Provides excellent engine protection not only on highways, but also in the city.
Recommended for ecological vehicles equipped with low-emission engines and with exhaust treatment devices such as DPF, EGR / SCR NOx. Platinum Ultor Optimo 10W-30 is suitable for use in construction and other heavy equipment, which producer recommend oil viscosity grade and quality specified below. Guarantees extending oil change periods, which leeds to reducing operating costs and it is well suited for applications in mixed fleets.
It can be used in vehicles that comply with the emission standards EPA Tier 3 and Tier 4, if it meets all requirements of vehicle producer in quality class, and viscosity grade.

Standards, approvals, specifications

Volvo VDS-4, Renault RVI RLD-3, Mack EO-O Premium Plus , Deutz DQC IV-10 LA, MTU Type 3.1, MB-Approval 228.51, Cummins CES 20081

Meet requirements:
MAN M3677, Caterpillar ECF-3, DDC 93K218

Physical and chemical properties



Typical values

SAE Viscosity Grade



Kinematic viscosity at temperature 100oC



Viscosity index



Flow temperature






Total base number

mg KOH/g


Sulphated ash  



Noack volatility  

% (m/m)


Attention: Above values of physical and chemical properties are typical values.