Hydrol HLPD 22

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General features

Hydrol® HLP-D cleaning hydraulic oils are manufactured basing on deep refined mineral base oil and a set of enriching additives with antiwear, antioxidative and anticorrosive properties. Additionally, these oils contain cleaning and dispersing additives which make them able to diffuse solid pollutants and emulsify fluid pollutants which may appear in the system.

- very good cleaning and dispersing properties – system cleanness guaranteed,
- very good anticorrosive and antiwear properties,
- good resistance to oxidation,
- good ability to be filtered even with water,
- good air emission and low susceptibility to foaming.


Hydrol® HLP-D oils are intended to be applied in any kind stationary or mobile hydraulic systems of machines and devices working in normal and hard conditions especially on continuous basis and where the system may get polluted with water or condensed steam (e.g. in machine tool hydraulic systems where emulsion may penetrate to the system)

Standards, approvals, specifications

They meet provisions of DIN 51524 part 2 – HLP (excluding testing of emulsifying resistance)

Physical and chemical properties



Typical values

Kinematic viscosity at 40 C



Viscosity index



Flow temperature



Ignition temperature



Resistance to foaming

· susceptibility to foaming: foam volume after 5 min. of blowing with air at 250C,

· foam durability: foam volume after 10 min. standing still at 250C


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