Unicool Mikro 40 PW

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General features

​Unicool Mikro 40PW is a semi-synthetic cooling agent that forms microemulsion with water. It contains anionic and nonionic surfactants, innovative corrosion inhibitors, lubrication enhancers, anti-foaming additives and forms stable microemulsions.


Unicool Mikro 40PW is intended for use in typical machining processes, such as turning or milling, as well as drilling, boring, deep hole drilling, threading, forming and grinding processes as well as in heavy-duty machining operations. It is suitable for low- and high-pressure CNC systems. It can be used in both central systems and individual machines.
Suitable for use with:
  • Cast iron
  • Iron alloys and stainless steel
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Plastics
Recommended concentrations:
  • Standard machining (turning, milling): light-duty machining 3%, medium-duty machining 5-6%, heavy-duty machining 7-8%.
  • Grinding: light-duty machining 1.5-2%, medium-duty machining 3-5%, heavy-duty machining 3-5%.
  • Heavy-duty machining (threading, deep hole drilling): light-duty machining 3-4%, medium-duty machining 6-8%, heavy-duty machining 9%
  • Stamping, forming: light-duty machining 3-4%, medium-duty machining 5-6%, heavy-duty machining 6-8%
  • Boring: light-duty machining 4-5%, medium-duty machining 8-10%, heavy-duty machining 10-12%.
The product must be stored in temperatures between +100C and +300C in its original packaging, protected against dust, sub-zero temperatures and overheating.

Physical and chemical properties

ParametersUnitTypical values
Kinematic viscosity at  400C
Density at. 200Cg/cm31,015
5% Density at 150N water hardness
water hardness 200C
-Transparent to opalescent liquid
Corrosion protection on steel plates by Herbert’s and Ford’s method-H0/F0
Stability of the emulsion after 24 hours at 500C -1A/1R/maintained
Refractometric index -2.3
NOTE: The above values of physical and chemical properties are typical values. Actual values are specified in quality certificates enclosed with each product lot.