Frigol TZ-13

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General features

​FRIGOL Refrigeration Compressor Oils are obtained by refining oil fractions extracted through straight-run distillation of paraffin-free petroleum.


​They are intended for use in ammonia refrigeration compressors with evaporator temperatures of up to -50oC, e.g. two-stage compressors with oil recirculation systems.

Standards, approvals, specifications


Physical and chemical properties

ParametersUnitTypical values
Kinematic viscosity at 200Cmm2/s-
Kinematic viscosity at 400Cmm2/s-
Kinematic viscosity at  500Cmm2/s14,8
Kinematic viscosity at -300Cmm2/s7325
Kinematic viscosity at -200Cmm2/s-
Flash point0C162
Acid number0C-50
Ash contentmg KOH/g0,013
Pozostałość po spopieleniu%0,003
NOTE: The above values of physical and chemical properties are typical values. Actual values are specified in quality certificates enclosed with each product lot.