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General features

Pneumatic VG 32 oil intended for pneumatic devices is manufactured basing on high quality oil base and a set of specially selected enriching additives.

Pneumatic VG 32 is featured by the following operational properties:

- good adherence to metals,
- no impact on construction material (aluminium, steel, rubber and plastic gaskets),
- good resistance to aging (no clogging of moving parts within long use time).


Pneumatic VG 32 is intended to lubricate pneumatic drives e.g. upholsterer staples, drillers, wrenches, etc. which require lubrication of internal movable parts.

Physical and chemical properties

Parameters Unit Typical values Kinematic viscosity at 400C mm2/s 31.2 Viscosity index - 101 Flow temperature 0C -18 Ignition temperature 0C 184 ATTENTION: Physicochemical parameters listed in the table are typical values. Real values are stated in quality control certificates attached to each product lot.