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Automotive gear oils

    ORLEN OIL offers a wide range of products for various manual and automatic transmissions, powershift systems, continuously variable transmissions (CVT), gears and drive axles. Our oils help save fuel, extend oil change intervals and ensure smooth gear shifting in any temperature.
    Thanks to quality base oils and unique enriching additives, our transmission oils considerably reduce the cost of repairs by extending the lifetime of components and ensure maximum protection of cooperating parts. Without hazardous substances such as chlorine and heavy metals and thanks to lower temperature and reduced emissions, the oils contribute to saving the environment.

Today, the largest agro-industrial exhibition AGRO EXPO 2018 began its work. Our booth Y7.

    Today, September 26, the largest exhibition of Ukraine - AGROEXPO-2018 was opened in Kropivnitsky. The exhibition will last for four days.
This year the area of the exhibition complex has increased from 119, 100 m² to 125 000 m².
    In general, it is planned that more than 600 profile companies will take part in the VI International Agro-Industrial Exhibition AGROEXPO-2018 and will visit 35,000 people (last year - 27,250).


    ORLEN OIL offers also a wide range of quality automotive lubricants. Disparate and often extreme working conditions require application of a broad range of products.
    ORLEN OIL lubricants are characterised by:
- very good anti-corrosive, anti-oxidising and anti-wear properties;
- wide range of lubricant application temperature and life;
- high resistance to moisture, water vapour, weak acids and bases;
- high resistance to vibration, high pressure and impact load;
- very good load-carrying capacity.


    Platinum ULTOR are latest generation synthetic and mineral motor oils designed for trucks, buses and heavy equipment. Advanced technology based on a pack of enriching additives with unique formulation guarantees trouble-free operation of any engine, even in extreme load conditions.
    Platinum ULTOR products are adapted to very stringent requirements of latest emission standards EURO V and EURO VI, so that they can effectively protect the natural environment.
    Using Platinum ULTOR products provides tangible economic benefits by significantly reducing fuel and oil consumption. Maximised oil change intervals and extended engine life is thus achieved.
    Top quality of Platinum ULTOR products is proven by approvals of the leading truck and engine manufacturers, including: MAN, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Scania, Renault, MTU, Deutz, Cummins, Mack.

Oils for garden and forestry

    ORLEN OIL offers also a broad range of products for  forestry and gardening, in such equipment as lawn mowers, cultivators, ploughs, snow ploughs, strimmer and other gardening machinery with two- or four-stroke engines. The products offer excellent properties ensuring wear protection even in extreme conditions, ensuring minimum wear, protecting from corrosion and formation of high-temperature deposits.

PLATINUM Agro line

   Nowadays, agriculture is perceived as a dynamically developing industry. Modern, trouble-free equipment is indispensable to increase yields and work on large areas. Older machinery is therefore gradually replaced with efficient modern equipment.
    Lubricant manufacturers are thus compelled to keep pace with the recent developments in machinery by improving their existing lubricants and developing new ones. When it comes to engine, gear and transmission oils, the changes occur very rapidly. As a rule, each new series of tractors or other agricultural machinery requires a specific type of gear or engine oil, which cannot be replaced by an oil of different specifications. Deep changes observed in agriculture inspire development of an offer for agricultural equipment. Products meeting the expectations of farmers, availability and quality certified by leading manufacturers of modern tractors and agricultural machines are the main strengths of ORLEN OIL.

PLATINUM Agro motor oils, developed specifically for modern agricultural machinery, are ORLEN OIL's response to changing expectations. The latest technology incorporated in PLATINUM Agro oils guarantees safety of the machinery and equipment used in agriculture. The oils are diversified as to quality classes required for modern agricultural machinery.
    High quality base oils combined with a perfect blend of enriching additives guarantee efficient engine lubrication, thus ensuring excellent engine performance even in the most demanding conditions and extended oil change intervals. Platinum AGRO motor oils guarantee easy cold start and good pumpability during spring and autumn frost.


Motorbikes Rider

A range dedicated to single-track vehicles is a  full range of 8 products - simple, readily available and practical solution for motorcyclists to guarantee trouble-free running in any terrain.   

4T is synthetic oils for 4-stroke motorcycle engines. Thanks to its unique formula, it provides the perfect cleanliness of engine components.
Platinum Rider 4T 10w-40;
Platinum Rider Cruiser 4T 15w-50;
Platinum Rider Racing 4T 5w-40;
Platinum Rider Scooter 4T 5w-40;
Platinum Rider Sport 4T 10w-50;
Platinum Rider V-TWIN 4T 20w-50

2T - semisynthetic oils for two-stroke motorcycle engines. The unique formula provides excellent protection against wear and good compatibility with fuel.
Platinum Rider Racing 2T;
Platinum Rider Scooter 2T.

Other oils:
Orlen Oil 2T Semisynthetic;
Orlen Oil Mixol S.

The Platinum Classic Oils Line

    Platinum Classic is a line of oils containing synthetic, semisynthetic and mineral oils for cars equipped with gasoline and diesel inflammation. The products are available in three classes of SAE viscosity: 5W-40 (synthetic oil), 10W-40 (semi-synthetic oil) and 15W-40 (mineral oil).

Platinum MaxExpert

Platinum MaxExpert is a line of synthetic engine oils meeting the highest requirements of manufacturers of passenger cars and small vans. Their unique formula is the result of research and testing conducted by ORLEN OIL technologists.
Thanks to modern production technology, oils meet stringent quality standards according to API standards (American Oil Institute), ACEA (Association of European Vehicle Manufacturers) and ILSAC (International Committee of Standards and Lubricant Approvals) and high requirements of car manufacturers: Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, Seat , Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Ford, Opel, Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo.

MAN approval for ORLEN OIL grease

    GREASEN N-EP 00/000 has officially confirmed that it meets the requirements of MAN 283 Li-P 00/000, one of the leading companies engaged in the manufacture of trucks, buses, minibuses, engines and industrial equipment. This is a confirmation of the high quality of ORLEN OIL products.
The GREASEN N-EP 00/000 grease is intended primarily to lubricate friction units in passenger cars and heavy commercial vehicles and buses by using central lubrication systems at temperatures from -30 ° C to + 90 ° C, temporarily up to 120 ° C. GREASEN The N-EP 00/000 perfectly gives you a lot of stress and smoothness even at very low temperatures.


How to save yourself and the car from the heat!

The heat and the sun can not only give you a perfect, or not quite, tan. They can also do mischief. This is especially true for those who spend a lot of time at the wheel in the summer.
So save yourself so as not to lose:
1. When parking, leave your car in the shade if possible.
2. Even after a short stall, it is necessary to ventilate the cabin and only then start the movement.
3. It is necessary to have in the car a minimum amount of drugs that you use as a rule, and also necessarily - a supply of water.
4. With the slightest deterioration of well-being you must necessarily lower your speed and stop.
5. Try not to exceed the speed and increase the distance to vehicles that are moving in front.
6. If you need to stop, then you need to slow down the speed gradually, because with sharp abrasion on a hot asphalt the car can be put.

How to care for cars in the summer!

"How do you feel about a car, so it serves in response" - the truth has long been known and verified in practice. We offer to learn more ... much more about what they are - rules of operation and car maintenance in the summer season!
1. Regular washing
Yes, so, wash the car in the summer often! Now there is no salt and no dirt, as in winter, but there are bird droppings, spatula, splashes of bitumen, dirt, dust, juice from lime. All these contaminants can damage paint and varnish coating. Even if they are chemically inactive and do not corrode it, at least the paint can burn out unevenly and the machine is covered with stains.
How often should you wash your car? At least once or twice a week, "wash the dirt" and once a month, a full wash.
2. Avoid poplar
Poplar fluff, heat, July ... Fluffy poplar sedimentation highlights sticky yellow resin, which is very difficult to wash. In addition, he clogs the heatsink and worsens the cooling of the motor.
3. Replace the filters
Namely the air filter of the engine and salon. In the summer, a lot of dust and they quickly clog up. Lack of air can cause incorrect operation of the engine, and in the cabin will not be sufficiently good to cool the air conditioner.
4. Hide from the sun
If you leave the car for several hours under the scorching sun, then you can come back to see the plastic trim of the cabin, which has already changed the shape. And the electronics may refuse to overheat. So try to leave the car in the shade, but rather buy a cover - and the car does not overheat and will have additional protection of the body from the same litter, down and lime.
5. Cool to the extent
Use air conditioning moderately. Do not do in the cabin North Pole, when on the street Sahara. It is harmful to your health. In addition, the air conditioner - an additional load for the engine, with it he quickly heats up in traffic, it will be worse to pull and gasoline will eat more. The climate system before the season should be served and cleaned - so that there were no unpleasant odors.
6. Do not fill the full tank
Some even advise to fill it no more than 50%. We believe that it is optimally about 3/4 capacity. The fact is that on the heat the fuel expands, can leak and even flare up.
7. Battery
The heat has a very negative effect on its resource. Control the electrolyte level and, if necessary, pour distilled water.
8. Tires
More often control the pressure, worn tires can even explode. This will require a combination of high temperatures, which leads to increased pressure and impact, which on our roads for a long time to look for is not necessary.
9. Brake
Actual especially if you are moving on mountain roads. The mechanisms themselves (discs, pads) can overheat, they can boil the brake fluid. To avoid this, do not turn off the clutch in the descents (use engine braking). And the liquid should be changed if it is already 2 years or more.